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BioTrust, found online at, is a new line of health supplements founded by nutritionists Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion that promises to include only top quality, all natural ingredients.

Josh and Joel created BioTrust in 2011 after learning that the health supplement industry in the United States is essentially unregulated. This means that not only do certain supplements not provide the results they promise, but some of them don’t even include the ingredients they promise.

As nutritionists who believe that nutritional supplements play an important role in people’s health, they decided to create a supplement line that not only has top quality, all natural ingredients, but that also is free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavors, and preservatives.

Their supplement line includes IC-5, which is their supplement for Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management. Though many diets emphasize eating protein and reducing carbohydrates, BioTrust says that you should include carbohydrates in your diet, as long as your body is processing them correctly.

Their IC-5 supplement helps your body process carbs correct because it includes five different ingredients which BioTrust says has been proven to help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

They also offer LeptiBurn, an advanced fat burning hormone supplement which increases your leptin levels, which helps your body burn fat. LeptiBurn includes six different ingredients which BioTrust says have all been shown to help your body burn fat.

A one month supply of any of BioTrust’s supplements range between $49.95 and $69.00, depending on what you are ordering. But all of their supplements purchase packages give you the option of purchasing two bottles and receiving a third bottle free, or purchasing four bottles and receiving two bottles for free.

BioTrust also offers a 1 year guarantee. If you return your empty or unused products within one year of the purchase date, you will receive your money back within 3 days.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your BioTrust reviews below.

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Ordering issue

Reviewed By Mary Ellen on January 26, 2014

I just tried to order 3 bottles of the annoyed for several reasons: (1) in the video it shows the picture of the milkshake recipe book but as you listen to the LONG presentation, it is only a download (2) when I tried to order, put in my credit card information, I did not get a total and I was sent immediately to yet ANOTHER deal. I could not get to check out. So, I have no idea where the status of the order is. I do not like the high pressure sales pitch.

At the beginning of the video it is misleading because it says you will get a free milkshake recipe book....only if you order the product and that is not said. So, having said that, I wonder if any of it is true.

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January 27, 2014

Hi Mary Ellen,

My name is Tim, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition's Customer Service team. I am terribly sorry to hear that you are annoyed, and I also remiss to know that you felt that you were under high pressure.

Personally, one of the things I enjoy most about purchasing goods online is that you don't have to deal with any pushy sales representatives. :)

That being said, I'd like to make sure that you are completely taken care of. Please feel free to contact me directly at Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Service team, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

While you should have received an order confirmation e-mail shortly after placing your order (if you did indeed submit your order), we can verify that your order was placed for the items that you intended to purchase. What's more, we'll make sure that you get your copy of the 53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milshakes eBook as well as the One Day Diet manual.

Thanks, Mary Ellen. We look forward to helping you and to ensuring that you have a completely positive experience.



July 09, 2014

Hi, I can not read 'books' online and was wondering if there is an 'actual book' I could purchase?

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It seems as though BioTrust spends more time and money on forum campers than their product

Reviewed By S.St on October 17, 2013, USA

I Currently use the BioTrust Low Carb shake daily. I honestly have no complaints about this product. It seems to work well for my high protein and low carb diet I've been on for a while. Though honestly, it is hard to NOT see any difference when you're replacing a meal with something that is low calorie, low carb regardless of whether it does the rest of what it says or not. Especially when you're exercising 6 days a week and dieting like myself. The shake was referred to me by someone I trust when it comes to supplements.

HOWEVER, the reason I'm rating my review 2 stars isn't because of the shake. Recently I've been doing some research on the LeptiBurn supplement. While the ingredients and the "logic/science" behind it seem to all be sound, I'm no expert. It seems though that everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, I look all I see is obvious payed testimonials for the product.

Who is BioTrust trying to fool here? The amount of paid testimonials and reviews I have seen for BioTrust is absolutely unreal. Way more than any other company I've seen yet. Personally, this makes me feel very un-easy about the products and the company. Even if the products DO WORK, then it seems that the company shouldn't have to do all of these false reviews on just about every website known to google. Truly good products sell themselves, I'm a graphic designer and I know a little about what sells products and what doesn't.

Just on this website alone an obvious paid commenter, whom will undoubtedly comment on this review as well, represented as "rainwater" has spent months it seems making sure he defends the company on just about every review under 4 stars. Even if it is just a review asking a questions he/she HAS to put SOMETHING.

Maybe BioTrust should put a little more money into their products and TRUE advertising instead of all of these paid forum campers.

Again I have nothing bad to say about the BioTrust shake I am currently taking....yet... But all of these false testimonies and reviews have directed me away from investing any further into BioTrust products in the future.

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Kathy Stefaniak, Salem, NH
October 18, 2013

Nothing false about my testimony and I was not PAID for it! Can't understand how someone can say they have no problem with the BioTrust product they are using, but in the next breath they are saying that there are people being paid to say "good things" about the products. Is this person a moron? He had nothing bad to say about the shake, yet he faults other people, rainwater included, for speaking their beliefs? Calls these people "forum campers?" Well I personally take offense by that! I am not a forum camper, I visit the forums for nutritional advice and exercise advice. I stand behind what BioTrust supplements have done for me. I have lost 68 pounds in 6 months time that I could not lose by other diets, supplements, or exercise alone. I have learned what good nutrition is all about by the expert advice of two extremely knowledgeable nutrition and exercise coaches and on their advice have learned how to exercise properly for maximum fat loss. What is wrong with that? Why can't people just accept the fact: There are plenty of people out there that are using BioTrust products and they are either losing weight, controlling their blood sugars, or are having their intestinal problems cleared up. End of story!

October 18, 2013

Well, I knew someone would come to defend the lines sooner or later.

I supposed I'm not going to argue the opinion of me being a moron or not. Though honestly you'd have to be a moron yourself to not recognize a paid testimony when you see one. The fact that you're "offended" by my accusation of them existing is a bit silly, grow up. I said nothing about your testimony specifically did I? And I also never said that ALL of these testimonies were false, I was simply stating that it is un-nerving to see that there are so many of them on so many websites for this specific company.

I congratulate you on your 68 pound loss, that is quite a feat to accomplish that many don't have the gumption to see through. I am also at a 62 pound loss myself in about 8 months with no supplements. I also use forums for tips and ideas. I just recently as of 2 weeks ago started on the BioTrust low carb shake in hopes to help me get the rest of the way. So, is it hard to believe that people go to forums to voice their beliefs? No, not at all. But I doubt that even you would spend 4 months straight on a reviews forum making sure to comment on that many posts like Rainwater has.

I realize there are a lot of people out there that use BioTrust Products. I don't even doubt that some of it works. I'll restate this again; really good products sell themselves. They don't need this many paid testimonies, they don't need an over the top marketing stunts to boost sales, and they don't need people to defend the products.

Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
October 21, 2013

Dear S. St,

This is Tim Skwiat from BioTrust Customer Service. I have to admit that I’m confused. You’re giving us a two star out of five even though you love our BioTrust LowCarb protein product, you were satisfied with our customer service, but you assume (without any facts) that we pay our loyal customers to post positive comments on web sites like this?

Honestly, that is a very unethical thing to do on your part. We absolutely, positively DO NOT pay any customers to post positive things about our company online. I am the only BioTrust employee on this web site, and my job is to make sure the truth is known and that our customers have a truly outstanding all-around experience. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (only two complaints out of over 1 million products shipped), we have a 4-star review rating on this web site, and our Facebook fan page is full of positive comments. Our customers LOVE US and are very enthusiastic to protect our brand. And we love them, too.

Unfortunately, we could make a similar assumption that you may be one of our competitors trying to make potential customers question the ethics of our company. If you are truly a customer, please contact me directly with your real name so I can review your order history. My email is and I will do whatever it takes to make things right and earn your trust.



October 23, 2013

This is a pretty unprofessional response to a customer. Perhaps brushing up on responding to negative comments on a social media forum is in order.
October 23, 2013

I just watched your sales video and was performing a quick search on the internet just in case there were negative reviews of the product I should know about. I was overwhelmed with "reviews" that have "Order NOW" following them. I was going to order your product, but like S. ST, I am unnerved at how difficult it is to get unbiased reviews. Again, the "hard sell" is a red flag. If your product is great, hold back some of the marketing labeled, "reviews" and let us speak for you.

And, yes, trying to turn the tables and accuse the costumer of being the competitions is immature. If that were true, they simply would have stated the PRODUCT was poor. This is constructive advise from a consumer. Use it or not...up to you.

H, Freeman
October 26, 2013

You are right to be suspicious. Josh claims to have started the company in 2011 because he discovered that natural supplements were unregulated. That's pretty funny considering that he was fined for "free-to-pay conversion” marketing of unregulated natural supplements, his company making about $40 million in sales in 2009 alone. Just google "Josh Bezoni Fined Colorado".

And he does spend an awful lot of energy making sure the first couple of google page returns are loaded with his praises.

But what can you do, people are stupid.

Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
October 31, 2013

Mr. Bezoni, not only has he donated over $1 million to various charities over his business career, but he strives daily to make BioTrust the best company it can be and customer service is our #1 priority. In regards to 2009, he has done national presentations and conferences on how growing a company too quickly can cause operational issues. As with most people in life, we all learn lessons with experience that make us grow and become better. What’s more, this incident has nothing to do with unregulated supplements and has everything to do with managing a fast-growing company years ago.

Again, we have a 4-star rating from this web site, hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, and if you Google BioTrust you will see that there are any very positive comments about our company all over the web. What’s more, there are not negative comments about our company outside of this web site where our competitors camp out and try to hurt our great image. We also offer an industry leading, 1-year money back guarantee on all of our products so you can shop with confidence.

What’s more, we offer a free health and fitness coaching forum where you interact with all of our real customers and see the positive changes we are striving to make in people’s lives. Just visit and visit the forum section at the top of the page.

Please don’t let one bad apple spoil your opinion of this great company. The positive, unpaid testimonials on this web site and all over the web are proof positive that we are a company who loves our customers and will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

November 01, 2013

I've noticed that "Tim, at BioTrust Customer Service", responds the same way accept for the first paragraph. Thanks S. ST, for your observations! I'm interested to hear about how easy it is to return and get a refund on the products, from an actual customer. It says it's easy and hassle free, but really?

Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
November 06, 2013

Hi Kate,

We provide our customer a one-year money-back guarantee. Please feel free to visit this page on our website for additional details:

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I'll be happy to personally assist you with any questions that you may have. You're more than welcome to e-mail me directly at

Martyn, Cyprus
November 09, 2013

I start out sceptical when these slick presentations, amazingly all very similar in format and structure, tell you that you must spend 15 minutes watching and LISTENING to their verbose commentaries and watching their tedious art-shows. For me the 'North American' way of marketing and Selling these products is a massive Turn-Off and I rarely Buy. Their very own (slick) presentational methods seem to get in the way of the simple message "give our Product a Try, it will likely work but if it doesn't whizz it back and we'll willingly make a Full Refund". Personally I prefer my own hybrid way of dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, recommended and monitored by my trusted physicians, the usual prescribed meds plus a careful Mediterranean diet containing some of the recommendations tips and techniques given in the Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book, (Erin & Kowalski) that several of my Type-2 friends also find useful. None of us have yet succumbed to slick presentations by BioTrust and others. For many of us Europeans it's the North American Hype that seriously 'turns us off'. It might be considered 'Clever' but in the end the sheer length and repetitiveness of their 'presentations' just 'Turn Us Off'.

Esme Eviana
November 10, 2013

I agree here. It's kind of dumb how people just sell things that might not work and get money off of it. America is made out of fake supplements and products that usually don't work, but in defense for Biotrust it is good to keep an open mind about things you have not tried yet. Maybe you could phone a friend about it :P

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Monthly cost

Reviewed By Richard L on October 7, 2013, Las Vegas, NV

How can a bottle of 60 capsules last a month if you need to take 4 to 6 daily?

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Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
October 08, 2013

Hi Richard L,

The only currently available BioTrust all-natural supplement that contains 60 capsules per bottle is Pro-X10, our revolutionary probiotic.

The recommended use (as per the bottle's label) is to "Take two (2) capsules daily, one (1) capsule with breakfast and one (1) capsule with dinner.

Thus, a bottle lasts 30 days (i.e., 60 capsules divided by 2 capsules per day = 30 days).

I hope this helps.



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Not good for me

Reviewed By deb on October 2, 2013, canada

I tried the Biotrust Liptoburn today. Took 2 pills at 2pm. Made me shaky and hyper. Still awake at 3:20 am. Anyone know why?

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October 02, 2013

Dear Deb in Canada,
I think I'd need more information about your lifestyle in order to give you a complete answer. I know that I get up mornings at around 5:00am. I take my Leptiburn around 6:00am. I drink a shake about an hour later. I take Leptiburn again around Noon. I go to bed around 9:00pm. That gives me 9 hours before going to bed. The instructions for Leptiburn say to leave at least 6 hours between taking and bedtime. I made the same mistake my first day and could not sleep that night.
As far as it making you shaky and hyper goes, I do not know. I know how you can find out though. Go to, there is a tab for the Forum page, join the forum page, it is free, and there is a wealth of information and support there to help you be successful and reach your goals. You can ask questions and they will be gladly answered, you will be glad you joined.

Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
October 02, 2013

Hi Deb,

Each two-capsule serving of LeptiBurn contains approximately 200mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from green tea and yerba mate extracts. Do you have a known caffeine-sensitivity? You may consider using a reduced dosage (e.g., 1 capsule per dose), and you may also try taking your second dose earlier, like 12pm. Giving your body some time to acclimate may be helpful, after which time you can increase to the recommended 2-capsule dose.

It is difficult to assess tolerance, effectiveness, etc., after just one dose. Another potential option would be to take each dose with food, as opposed to on an empty stomach. This may affect absorption, but it may also help with what you're currently describing.

Remember, you are completely protected by our one-year money-back guarantee. If you find that LeptiBurn is not for you, you can also exchange it for another supplement that may be very helpful to you and your body transformation goals. We will gladly help you figure out what may be your next best option. Of course, you can request a refund if your prefer.

I would highly encourage you to allow us the opportunity to help you. We have a network of coaches prepared to assist you in your body transformation journey. You can contact our Customer Service Team directly (I'll supply details below). Better yet, you can register for our Online Community where you can ask questions, get free coaching help, interact with others, and much, much more. This is a great way to ensure that you achieve the results for which you're looking. We are here to help and happy to do so.

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 9a - 5p CST) (Online Community)

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!



Natalie M.
October 03, 2013

That's great that you are retired. And it's great that you enjoy the product. However, people are allowed to give their desired review, as they see it along with their OWN experience- based on THIER pros vs cons. You do not have the right to ask personal questions, persuade their views or Input nor hinder their views as you see fit. I am sure the people know how to file their complaints with the company or customer service.
Please keep in mind- This is a place for experience reviews.
The more I have been through this entire threat of reviews, the more becomes clear about you- you seem to play "bad cop" & Tim is "good cop". Whoever "Tim" is- I don't really care. But if you are claiming not to be an overly pushy sales / customer- marketer for this bio company, I for one and as It seems, many others find it hard to believe that you do not have some type of agenda. Maybe you should just lay off the "selling" and "pushing" onto people regardless if you are or are not an employee. It's fair.

Paul Tladi
October 06, 2013

Hi, how can we purchase your product in South Africa. We have joined your programme and paid a few hundred dollars between my friends and me. Now we do not have excess to your products. I find it a bit disturbing that the entire Africa is high on fraud. Like any other country these crimes exist, but definitely not to alarming proportions in comparison to some of the countries that you distribute to. Please, provide me wiith an address of a distributer. Regards, paul

Penny Luthuli
November 05, 2013

My sentiments exactly, Paul. I also bought the programme but am weary ordering these products ,in South African postal services are not that reliable. I have had stuff returned to sender only to be notified by the sender 3 months later when my post office did not. We really need a distributor in South Africa- especially in Johannesburg

November 08, 2013

I had a similar experience with BioTrust LeptiBurn capsules. I contacted the support line and they offered a full refund if I wanted to return the product. I decided to try easing in, rather than taking 2 capsules, twice a day, I tried taking one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. The side-effects were not so bad, but still present. I stopped taking for a few days, then took one per day for a few days, then two per day, then three, then four. I had to back off again, using three caps per day was okay but not four. Some people may be hypersensitive to some ingredients. After all that, I did not notice any help with weight loss, so I returned the product a few weeks ago and am waiting for my refund to show up.

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Only rating the buying process so far

Reviewed By Kathryn on September 25, 2013, Idaho

I received an email with the very convincing but long commercial. Long history of diabetes in my family and I have worked hard not to follow suit. It would take to long to go into my 60 year history, but this product seemed perfect for me. Does sound too good to be true, yet I decided to try. That's on me.
The reason I am writing this is that AFTER I had given my credit card information, I was informed that I needed another very expensive product for better results. OK, I am somewhat desperate so I decided to give that a try. Then I am told that I need yet ANOTHER expensive product in order to achieve the results I wanted. These types of sales techniques make me uneasy, so I tried to cancel the whole thing. No way. I immediately got an email that my order was received and that I had ordered all three products, including the one that definitely did not order. This amounted to over $600.
Like I said, I am desperate so I have decided to give it a try. If it works, I have no problem paying $600. or more. I am tired to dealing with blood sugar issues.
In my opinion, one should be VERY careful ordering from these folks. I am very uneasy and don't feel the TRUST. I will let you know how it works. I also am glad that I used my American Express card as from what I have heard they have a very good record for settling disputes.

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Tim, BioTrust Customer Service
September 25, 2013

Hi Kathryn,

First and foremost, on behalf of Josh, Joel, and the entire BioTrust Team, I would like to thank you for your recent order. We truly appreciate our awesome customers, and we want to ensure that you have an entirely positive all-around experience. As a token of our gratitude for your support, I will be contacting you personally to share a special gift certificate that you may use in the future.

If you have any questions about your order or if you would like to make any changes, I encourage you to contact our Customer Service Team at your earliest convenience. One of our Customer Care Representatives will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 9a - 5p CST)

I would like to remind you that while the active ingredients in IC-5 have been clinically proven to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, our products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent diseases such as diabetes. If you are diabetic and/or take prescription medications, we recommend that you discuss the addition of IC-5 with your healthcare professional. The same is true for any adjustment in nutrition and exercise.

That being said, we are extremely confident that you will be very pleased with IC-5 and the health and fitness benefits it helps you achieve. In addition, please feel free to let us know how we can be of assistance in helping you achieve your goals. We have nutrition and exercise coaches available (for FREE) over at our Online Community who ready, willing, and able to serve. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours.

As far as the order process, you are not required to select any of the offers that are presented to you at any time. We do offer specific sales to VIP customers during the process. For example, you were able to purchase extra bottles of IC-5 for $39. This special price is NOT available on the website. Likewise, you were able to purchase LeptiBurn for $49 apiece, a price which is normally only available when you buy in quantities of 6 or more.

Thank you again, Kathryn!



September 29, 2013

I'm fairly new to Biotrust products and also in my 60's. I just want to tell you that in the past I have bought products from other companys and in this day and age this is simply the way it is done. I know at first I was confused and actually had to call a company on the phone to cancel. Now I have learned to take my time and read everything. I feel that you are lucky to have found Biotrust and not some other company because I have been very happy with the results from these products and have recently ordered another one, I'm very excited to start it. I'm sure that you will love your Biotrust products.

i would like to know how it goes Kathryn
September 30, 2013

if you could email me and let me know how it goes my email is

October 02, 2013

I must respectfully disagree with your comment "in this day and age this is simply the way it is done". I live in a remote area of the US and I buy on-line a lot. Hundreds of vendors and thousands and thousands of dollars. I have been doing this for many years. I rarely run across companies that use these types of sales techniques. In my vast experience it is not the norm. I am not confused, however, I will admit I am in a hurry. That is why I felt I wanted to write to warn others to be cautious when ordering.
That being said, I received my product yesterday. The order is more messed up than I first realized, so, I will have to figure out what I want to do and call, when I have time. I will start taking IC-5 and Leptiburn today. Even though I do not like the way these people operate, I really want this product to work, to do what they say it does. I will let you know how it goes. I will be sure to copy you, bblack.

October 02, 2013

Thank you for pointing out that your experiences online have been different than mine. I am sorry for your experience with Biotrust as I have not had any of these problems. I agree, I think calling them is the best way to settle it.
As far as the leptiburn and IC-5 working, my experience has been so wonderful. I think that my body was screaming for the nutrients and hormone support that I have started receiving from these products. Please do keep us posted on your progress, join the forum page on the website, you will find so many others there that are just like you, besides, I'm interested to follow your progress, I know you will be successful.

October 03, 2013

see another post LOL

October 07, 2013

I agree with aro ..
... Rainwater seems way too concerned with everyone.. seems like someone may have a vested interest in the company??

October 25, 2013

Everyone: sometimes people just care about others and add their comments to contribute to the well being of the world and then defend themselves when falsely accused. I believe Rainwater and think people need to be less narrow minded and less conspiracy-minded. I haven't ordered the products and probably won't just because I don't currently have the money. To make sure I don't work for Biotrust, look me up: Marsha @

November 06, 2013

This same thing just happened to my Mom; she wanted to order one thing, but extra stuff started popping into her cart. She didn't like the fact that this was happening (this is certainly not normal business practice), so she closed the window, and suddenly she's been billed for over $300 worth of supplements. Closing a window is not by any stretch of the imagination a consent to buy. Very very shady practices going on here.

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