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BioTrust, found online at, is a new line of health supplements founded by nutritionists Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion that promises to include only top quality, all natural ingredients.

Josh and Joel created BioTrust in 2011 after learning that the health supplement industry in the United States is essentially unregulated. This means that not only do certain supplements not provide the results they promise, but some of them don’t even include the ingredients they promise.

As nutritionists who believe that nutritional supplements play an important role in people’s health, they decided to create a supplement line that not only has top quality, all natural ingredients, but that also is free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavors, and preservatives.

Their supplement line includes IC-5, which is their supplement for Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management. Though many diets emphasize eating protein and reducing carbohydrates, BioTrust says that you should include carbohydrates in your diet, as long as your body is processing them correctly.

Their IC-5 supplement helps your body process carbs correct because it includes five different ingredients which BioTrust says has been proven to help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

They also offer LeptiBurn, an advanced fat burning hormone supplement which increases your leptin levels, which helps your body burn fat. LeptiBurn includes six different ingredients which BioTrust says have all been shown to help your body burn fat.

A one month supply of any of BioTrust’s supplements range between $49.95 and $69.00, depending on what you are ordering. But all of their supplements purchase packages give you the option of purchasing two bottles and receiving a third bottle free, or purchasing four bottles and receiving two bottles for free.

BioTrust also offers a 1 year guarantee. If you return your empty or unused products within one year of the purchase date, you will receive your money back within 3 days.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your BioTrust reviews below.

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A carnival like come-on

Reviewed By Bill Gromer on December 29, 2012, Vero Beach Fl

Listened to the entire on line presentation (which was redundant and
Boring). They only tout the tablet, which they pitch as the end all. Then I researched the product and all the reviews talk about a nasty tasting shake which is required on the diet.They never mention the shake which doubles your costs! Typical bullshit/con artist, and not very slick. I'll pass.

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January 07, 2013

Take note that most of the negative comments come from "seniors" who don't full understand the internet age and how internet marketing works. If the company was based in Nigeria I would fall in line with your skepticism.

January 13, 2013

If you are talking about The Fat Burning Hormone Diet that they give you for FREE with your order of LeptiBurn, then there is no "shake" required.

Of course, they let you know about the other high quality products in their line and how you can use them, but they aren't a requirement.

As far as the shake being "nasty", anyone who states that must be pre-mixing the shake and leaving it out. The bottle states it needs to be consumed within 10 minutes of mixing as it contains an enzyme blend that starts digesting the protein once mixed with water.

It's actually one of the main benefits of the product because it alleviates all the gas and bloating that people normally experience with protein powders.

I experience none of that with BioTrust and it tastes absolutely great.

January 21, 2013

Is this page teaming with biotrust marketers or what? lol
Oh and that is Rhetorical

February 19, 2013

Just to comment on the need to not pre-mix. I pre-mix my shake every morning and slip a stay cold pack into my lunch. The shake tastes delicious every time! I've done A LOT of shake diets and I agree with all the comments about the shake being delicious.

March 04, 2013

@Ted why is it that when people have something positive to say about the product they "must be working for the company"??

And ditto about the seniors, it totally sounds like my dad complaining about "Yahoo being slow" LOL

June 30, 2013

I am a Senior and I RESENT these remarks! I bet I can get around the net better than ALL of ya's. I also KNOW a scam when I see/smell one. Take a lesson from us old folk's "If it's to good to be true, it IS" and Don't order a damn thing off the net, companies like these are a dime a dozen.

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Customs warning

Reviewed By Sheila on December 9, 2012, Malaga Spain

I have not been able to try the product as yet.
As it has been impounded here.after much frustrating negotiations ,they will now release the two packages .1that contain just one bottle I will have to pay some 37.07€. The other containing 6 bottles 82.74€.
So be warned do not buy from the E.U.

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December 10, 2012

this is all based on customs, not the company its self

January 21, 2013

It might have helped if someone at Biotrust had checked these kind of details before offering shipping overseas, so yes, it is the companies responsibility ultimately.

March 04, 2013

Actually they did tell me that due to excessive Customs charges they will ship it in few smaller packages at no extra charge, which they did ... they have learned about this after few customers complained but it is NOT their responsibility to know every country's Customs charges and regulations, it is buyer's responsibility ... people just like to b**** and complain and point fingers before they accept their own failings...

September 16, 2013

No customs problems for me, September 2013 / Germany

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Worst Protein Powder

Reviewed By Stephen on November 15, 2012, Katonah, NY

My wife and I have switched to a mostly organic food and healthy eating lifestyle. So we figured we'd give the BioTrust protein powders a try, both vanilla and chocolate. I have used many different lines of protein powder, from Myotein to Muscle Milk to Trader Joes to Isopure etc, and the BioTrust line is the absolute worst tasting and worst mixing powder I have ever tried. I'm not bashing them unfairly. I'm just being honest. My wife and I were truly looking forward to using a natural protein powder, as she was pregnant at the time and trying to naturally increase her protein intake. We wanted to use it so badly that we even contacted customer service on how when I mixed the powder in a shaker, it turned into total foam. Their response (in short) was that because it was a natural product it foams more and should go down in 15-30 minutes. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to wait or my protein shakes to "de-foam". But we tried it anyway. I left a chocolate shake over night and it still had a 2 inch head of foam the next morning. Now the taste... It is basically one big glass of blandly flavored chocolate or vanilla Stevia. Again, bottom line, not good. It's not chalky, it's just gross. I wish I had had a better experience, as I really wanted to like it, but the product was poorly made. One last note to BioTrust... Don't fill the bottle to the brim with powder and then bury the scoop. It makes it impossible not to spill the expensive product all over the kitchen. There is a reason all the large manufacturers put their products in huge, half filled containers. It's for the benefit of the consumer.

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December 03, 2012


That's really interesting feedback. I would actually say the exact OPPOSITE! I, too, have used just about every protein supplement under the sun, and I was very impressed with the nutritional profile and the all-natural ingredients of BioTrust Low Carb. I have used both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, and if they're not the best-tasting and best-mixing protein powders I've ever used, I'm not sure what is.

I have mixed my Low Carb in a shaker bottle (by itself with water), in a blender (with other ingredients as a smoothie, in yogurt, and even in baked recipes with no problems whatsoever — either with the taste or the mixability.

I would suggest taking a look at the directions on the label again. It does say that when you mix Low Carb with liquid that it should be consumed within 10 minutes of preparation. I contacted Customer Service directly to ask about this — because I like to mix my shakes ahead of time — and they said that it was due to the Prohydrolase enzymes they add to it.

"BioTrust Low Carb is the first and only protein supplement to use the powerful enzyme blend Prohydrolase. Prohydrolase has been shown to DOUBLE whey protein absorption. Without it, you are literally wasting valuable nutrition and money. As a matter of fact, the gas and bloating that most people experience after consuming a whey protein supplement is due to inadequate digestion and absorption.

Because the Prohydrolase works immediately when mixed with liquid, its important to consume BioTrust Low Carb within 10 minutes of preparation. Waiting longer can cause a bad taste because the proteins are pre-digested."

It may be possible, Stephen, that you and your wife had such a poor experience with the taste because of the timing of consuming your protein shakes. This may also explain the foaming that you noticed the next morning. I have never had any foam accumulation with Low Carb.

Man, I was really upset to see your negative review because I've had such a positive experience. I will go on the record saying that it's the BEST tasting and mixing protein supplement that I've every used. I've also done a ton of research on the protein supplements available on the market, and it also appears to be in a class of its own based on the high profile of ingredients.

I recommend this supplement without reservation, and I recommend it to people of all ages, all activity levels, and all goals.

December 05, 2012

I too LOVE it! It's the best mixing, best tasking protein powder I've ever used. No more chalky taste, even with just mixing with water and ice for a shake. Will definitely reorder!

December 06, 2012

I think Peter must work for BioTrust, because that review reads like it was written by their PR or marketing department.

December 17, 2012

As a lifelong vegetarian and borderline diabetic, getting the right protein in the right quantities at the right time without sugar spikes or crashes- a real battle! Conservatively, I've tried 30 different protein supplements over the past ten years, and NONE of them have tasted as good or performed as well as this product. The supplement industry is so poorly regulated- there's a ton of really bad stuff out there on the market- really scary. Now that Biotrust has come into my life, it's hard to imagine how I coped before ( I didn't really- just got fat and bloated or went broke and got bored from eating organic eggwhites). For those who really understand the issues and/or have very delicate nutritional balances like me, this protein powder is absolute nirvana!!! That being said, I love their BCAA matrix even more!!!!

Actually, I went crazy and ordered a 6 month supply of their whole line. 2 weeks and I haven't lost much weight but I'm dropping inches like crazy. My mood and energy levels are dramatically better. Even better - I have hope because I sense I have FINALLY found the solution.

January 21, 2013

Peter, does it pay well?
Marketing for biotrust?
Do you guys still think by putting 'honest' or 'trust' into anything people will buy what may as well be sawdust coated in yoghurt?
Get out of marketing, it is a soulless vacuous existence, where everyone around pretends to be your friend, but you're really very alone. Do something more worthwhile and full-filling, like teaching, because being a corporate whore for money is not something id want to be known for.

February 05, 2013

Ted, you're a tool. This review was negative, and yet you bash it as if it were a planted positive review.

February 05, 2013

Stephen, I too had an initially bad experience with the protein powder, but it truly was an issue of premixing it (I work night shifts and didn't want to deal with blending/prep on site at my nasty job). Once I stopped premixing and started mixing/drinking the shakes immediately, I noticed a vast difference in the taste and consistency of the shakes. No more foam. No more icky taste. Ted (who seems a bit of an a-hole to me) is wrong. Peter's info was dead on correct. I also discovered that using unsweetened almond milk (30 cal/cup) instead of water to mix my shakes also had a positive impact. Throw in a little fruit, some ice, maybe a half a cup of Greek yogurt, and BioTrust makes the best smoothies I've ever had in my life. As a type 2 diabetic, I also love that these shakes have helped stabilize my blood sugar better than any other that I've used for meal replacements.

February 05, 2013

Wow dude

February 24, 2013

John, you weren't paying attention. Ted didn't bash the reviewer (Stephen). He bashed Peter who replied to Stephen. And Ted is spot on. Peter's response reads just like some paid reviewer marketing junk, not like a real person would write. People come here hoping to get honest opinions from others on their experiences with a product, and instead the reviews are loaded with what appear to be phony paid reviews, so you can't get a realistic assessment of the product. Seeing that, I wouldn't go near this product, as I don't trust the company now.

March 04, 2013

Ted is a lonely teacher who needs a girlfriend stat! LOL We love you Ted xo

March 20, 2013

I wish I had the time to post a video of me mixing the shake to prove that it doesn't foam and mixes perfectly. Honestly, I've mixed it with water & coconut milk. I've stirred it, I've shaken it in a bottle and never had a problem. Okay, sometimes when I stir it in a weird shaped glass it doesn't always mix perfect but it's still drinkable.

Maybe the reviewer is reviewing a different product by mistake? Also, my scooper was right at the top ;-)

From the CEO of BioTrust
March 21, 2013

Please note that you are not supposed to pre-mix our protein and leave it sitting for long periods of time. If you do this, it will not taste it's best. Please mix and drink right away. This product has some natural digestive enzymes that help to eliminate gas and bloating. Thus, you don't want to mix and let set.

June 30, 2013

Hmm, which is it? Do u let it SIT FOR 15-20 Minutes or DO YOU drink it after 10? MAKE UP YOUR MIND u r driving me NUTS!

May 30, 2014

Drink it within 10 minutes, mr. nuts.

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Reviewed By Leigh-Anne on August 12, 2014, Newfoundland, Canada

I haven't used the product because after watching the long boring video, I attempted to place an order to give it a try but it wants my credit card info including number, date & even security code! I'm sorry but, I do NOT EVER give my CC info online or over the phone. The only places I order online or by phone are the ones that have the sense & common courtesy to use Paypal. Otherwise, no matter how good your product may or may not be, I will NEVER know because I will never order it with that method. I also did some checking once I realized this was the only option to pay. They are BBB accredited HOWEVER, There are several complaints regarding unauthorized transactions on peoples' credit cards, refund issues, etc. Nope, not an option until you enlist Paypal buddy!!!!!

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August 15, 2014

Hi Leigh-Anne,

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach with BioTrust Nutrition. First and foremost, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in our premium, scientifically-backed supplements.

I'm sorry to hear that you were not comfortable placing your order online, but I do have good news for you. You are also more than welcome to call our toll-free Customer Service number, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you in placing your order. As a matter of fact, you may even inquire to see if there are any current specials:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 9a - 8p CST; Sat - Sun 10a - 8p CST)

Thank you also for calling attention to our BBB status. We currently have an A- rating with the BBB, with the only factor currently lowering our rating being our time in business. We just had our two-year anniversary, so we'll be looking very forward to bumping up our rating to an A+ within the next year. :)

You'll also see that the following factors have contributed to raising our BBB rating to where it is today:

* Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
* Response to 18 complaint(s) filed against business.
* Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
* BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

We look forward to serving you and to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals as well, Leigh-Anne!


Tim Skwiat
Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

August 16, 2014

You, clearly, don't understand my concerns. I won't be providing my CC # to anybody whether it be on the internet or the phone. EVER. You also have several complaints on BBB RE unauthorized transactions on clients' CCs.

Thanks but no thanks

August 16, 2014

Unless you change & offer paypal

August 19, 2014

Hi Leigh-Anne,

I apologize that you had to clarify. I'm sorry to hear that we will not be able to help you achieve your health and fitness goals at this time. Should you change your mind in the future, please know that we're here to help you and happy to do so.

With regard to the BBB reference, even though there are not many complaints, we take each one very seriously and work directly with the customer to resolve them as quickly as possible. You'll see that all cases have been resolved. We never process unauthorized charges on our customers' accounts.

We wish you the best in health!


Tim Skwiat
Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

August 20, 2014

You say you never process unauthorized transactions on your clients' accounts. However, that's exactly what the BBB states! Just because you "resolved" the charges does NOT mean they did not occur. And, just because you "resolve" the issues does NOT mean people should be willing to encounter these issues. I, personally, have zero tolerance for issues that can be completely avoided as they cause way too much stress while trying to be resolved. Yes, nobody is perfect & mistakes happen but, NOT processing unauthorized charges on someone's account. My mind will never be changed UNLESS you provide Paypal & the fact that you do NOT provide Paypal &, also, process unauthorized charges is very disturbing. It doesn't matter how "few" complaints show on BBB, there shouldn't be ANY of this particular nature!

August 20, 2014

I must say, I AM pleased to see that you do respond to everyone's comments whether negative or positive! However, stuff like this should not be "excused" or "made light of". You should be applying solutions NOT excuses.

August 24, 2014

Hi Leigh-Anne,

I hope this finds you well! I make myself personally available ( to any customer who would like assistance in achieving his/her health and fitness goals. We sincerely appreciate our outstanding and loyal customers, and we want to ensure a completely positive all-around experience.

We do not process unauthorized transactions on our clients' accounts. Customers have complete control over what they place in their shopping carts during their online shopping experience. We have Customer Care Specialists available to help via telephone and chat as well, and customers may also call in to place their orders 7 days per week.

We offer a Ship-N-Save discount program for our customers that provides significant savings (including free shipping) on the present order and future shipments, which are automatically billed to the customer's account on a monthly basis. This is an option that the customer must select during the shopping experience. While it does provide a discount, free shipping, and many of our customers prefer it, it is by no means required (i.e., this is not an auto-ship program).

I apologize if I have been unclear or confusing in any previous comments that I've made. Should I be of further assistance to you and your health and fitness journey, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. We wish you the best in health!


Tim Skwiat
Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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Ordering issue

Reviewed By Mary Ellen on January 26, 2014

I just tried to order 3 bottles of the annoyed for several reasons: (1) in the video it shows the picture of the milkshake recipe book but as you listen to the LONG presentation, it is only a download (2) when I tried to order, put in my credit card information, I did not get a total and I was sent immediately to yet ANOTHER deal. I could not get to check out. So, I have no idea where the status of the order is. I do not like the high pressure sales pitch.

At the beginning of the video it is misleading because it says you will get a free milkshake recipe book....only if you order the product and that is not said. So, having said that, I wonder if any of it is true.

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January 27, 2014

Hi Mary Ellen,

My name is Tim, and I am with BioTrust Nutrition's Customer Service team. I am terribly sorry to hear that you are annoyed, and I also remiss to know that you felt that you were under high pressure.

Personally, one of the things I enjoy most about purchasing goods online is that you don't have to deal with any pushy sales representatives. :)

That being said, I'd like to make sure that you are completely taken care of. Please feel free to contact me directly at Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Service team, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

While you should have received an order confirmation e-mail shortly after placing your order (if you did indeed submit your order), we can verify that your order was placed for the items that you intended to purchase. What's more, we'll make sure that you get your copy of the 53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milshakes eBook as well as the One Day Diet manual.

Thanks, Mary Ellen. We look forward to helping you and to ensuring that you have a completely positive experience.



July 09, 2014

Hi, I can not read 'books' online and was wondering if there is an 'actual book' I could purchase?

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