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Tommie Copper, found online at, is a new brand of copper infused compression wear that claims to be able to help anyone of any age improve their daily aches and pains associated with muscle and joint inflammation.

Tommie Copper specializes in compression wear for a variety of joints in your body, from arm sleeves to knee braces to ankle braces to full shirts. They even offer gloves and shorts, so literally no joint is left untreated. Montel Williams, celebrity spokesman for MoneyMutual, is also a representative for Tommie Copper, even recently promoting the brand on the Dr. Oz show.

Copper is believed to be able to treat inflammation, which is the issue behind common joint pain and arthritis pain. It is also believed to help stimulate the immune system, repair injured tissues, and promote healing in general.

In addition to the copper, Tommie Copper claims that their compression wear is better able to provide benefits to their wearers than other compression items due to its actual wearability.

Compression stabilizes muscle tissue, which keeps swelling fibers at a manageable level, and increases oxygen blood flow to the muscles. However, compression wear is only effective when it is being worn, so comfort is a key factor.

Tommie Copper says their products are specially designed to be comfortable so that they can be worn for longer periods of time, therefore giving their wearers the maximum amount of comfort and relief from aches and pains.

Tommie Copper offers a 30 Day Comfort Challenge to new users. If you the item you order does not provide relief within 30 days, you may return the item for a refund, no questions asked.

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Sores and MORE Pain EMG

Reviewed By GRLS on September 16, 2013

I wrote a comment under my August 17, 2013 comments regarding the results of my September 3, 2013 EMG "Toxic Metabolic". September 17, they are going to biopsy the sores which have not healed since I had the horrific reaction in February 2013 from wearing the tc clothing.

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September 24, 2013

Total garbage in my opinion.....similar to that magnetic crap from a few years ago!!!!!

September 30, 2013

a sucker is born every minute

October 04, 2013

Allergic to something in the product could cause this, might want to check into it.

November 29, 2013

Having had a horrific reaction to copper several years ago, I suspect many of those who have written about itching, redness, blisters, bumps rash are likely ALLERGIC to COPPER. Perhaps the vinegar wash might work, but I would not want to risk that it would not and suffer the results. Healing takes a long time for the rash and blisters that come after an allergic reaction to copper. A bath soak in Aveno Oatmeal will bring relief.

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Black stains all over bottom of my feet .

Reviewed By Randolph Johnson on September 11, 2013, Forestville CA. 95436

I put the ankle Tommy Copper sock on both feet for the day, when evening came I removed the ankle socks and discovered that the bottom
Of my feet were stained black . I took the socks and placed them in my sink to wash them thinking it was dirt from warring them for the day,as
I turned on the water in the sink the water turned dark purple right away
The socks were bleeding this color , I tried to remove the stains from my feet with soap and water, nail polish remover, turpentine , acetone. And Clorox, I still have black stain on the bottom of my feet this has been a week, I know some dyed fabrics are unhealthy for the body. I have taken photos of the dye in the sink and of my feet. What to do next I'm not sure. All I can say is I will never use this product again . I will show this to my lawyer and seek his council. I feel this staining is permanent on my feet it's still there as strong in color as the first day I discovered

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September 15, 2013

Your silly for wanting to sue over this you are the type of person who uses petty things to file a frivolous law suit, unless you just happen to be a foot model and will lose money or employment opportunities because of this. Yeah your skin is dyed it WILL fade and it will come out of your skin completely although depending on how deep the dye has gone decides how long it will take for your body to remove it. You need to get over it and forget about suing you're a greedy immature crybaby simply for thinking this is something that gives you the right to sue this is almost as pointless as frivolous suits in the past, why don't you sue McDonald's for making you fat.

September 18, 2013

Taking this personally Rebecca? Got stock in the company?

September 18, 2013

Thanks Rebecca for writing what I was thinking lol

October 08, 2013

I would suggest getting one of those pkgs. of things you tape on the bottom of your feet which remove toxins! You obviously have absorbed TOO much copper, & have a metal toxic reaction. Ask around, but I found some of these at a Rite-Aid store.

October 27, 2013

You know that they have Copper in them - if you sue you are a greedy bastard.

October 29, 2013

Greedy bastard ? work for Tommy ?

November 09, 2013

It's probably stained from stomping on grapes all day

November 20, 2013

why make a lawsuit over foot stains? if people can see the bottom of your feet all day you dont work hard enough to need pain relief unless its a disease.

Nurse Ratchett
November 21, 2013

....and right on cue....someone reports a problem with the product, and the haters flock to the review like moths to a porch light......It's certainly an education reading through these, and seeing the pattern of bullying applied to those who don't kiss up on a product that clearly did not perform as expected.
A couple clarifications.....1. Dye is not necessarily non-toxic, and 2. Kym....Copper causes a GREEN color...the black/purple Randolph experienced is very unlikely to be from the copper.

December 07, 2013

Brother Randolf, in addition to Sister Ellie's good idea, I suggest massaging your feet for a while before cleansing them daily with a good quality dead sea salt scrub, and utilize a pumice sponge afterwards. Maybe drinking a cup of Yogi Detox Tea a few times a week might aid in speeding up the process of removing the copper reaction results on your feet.

Best wishes. Peace. ^_^

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Sores and MORE pain

Reviewed By GRLS on August 17, 2013

I have been in contact with the Tommie Copper Co since April 28, regarding my green skin, sores, edema, itching, burning, much more severe pain since wearing the clothing and they have basically told me to "get lost" and "contact their attorney"

I have seen Doctors, had the pictures of my reaction reviewed by nurses, sent them to the Vasculitis Foundation to see if the sores could be from Vasculitis and other medical people and the response from everyone is "Text Book Case" and NONE of them have ever seen anything like my reaction and don't know how to treat it. These reactions started after wearing Tommie Copper clothing.

What ever is put in the copper and the material caused a severe reaction in Feb 2013 and the sores still will not heal. Still having severe problems in my legs and an EMG has been ordered. Having much more difficulty walking since wearing the clothing and my Dr recommended I get a cane.

The clothes are made in slave labor countries and parasites could be packaged in the clothing. The rash/sores on my legs and feet and the sores that will not heal, look like a parasite rash.

The owner of Tommie Copper is NOT interested in your health, ONLY the money he can make. This has been proven to me by how he has treated me and he has all the pictures of my reaction, how my copper level in my blood was elevated AND how the sores will not heal after all these months and still he is NOT the least bit interested in my health.

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Douglas Hopper
August 21, 2013

I had A Feeling Tommy Copper wasn't what they made it out to be It Sounds to good to be true. All Late night Remedys Is A Line Of Crap. I'm sorry This Happened Montell Williams Put His reputation out there for this clown. I look At Montell As A Scammer Not A Nice GUY!!!! Thats Messed Up And GOD don't like ugly.

August 22, 2013

I use TC and it works for me. I have no problems wearing the knee sleeve.
I have bought them for friends and they have no problem either.

August 30, 2013

Well I just ordered the Half finger gloves. I am skeptic yet desperate. Wonder if that person above it allergic to something inside the glove. My right wrist by the wrist joint bone and the side (pinky finger side) hurts/burns to touch like a brush burn, and when I twist it to face up my palms it hurts. to pick up something, I very easy drop it. They rolled out carpel tunnel, Which I had 6 yrs ago. I have now trigger fingers (Both middle) but the right mostly worst. I am SO hoping this works for me so I don't have to get on some kind of meds that may take the pain away but yet can gain cancer, hepatitis and so on. I know this may not work for all , like the one above but I do se here there is a lot the it DID help, so I am rooting on that part.

Tom M.
September 09, 2013

Lisa, you stated on July 31 that you just ordered the half gloves. Above, you state you just ordered the gloves. One month is totally unacceptable for delivery or you are the slowest order-placer in history. Are you a paid shrill for the company?

September 15, 2013

I know right this post doesn't even make sense. A "text book case" is a case or patient that's issue is something right out of the text book therefore making the case quite easy to deal with considering the text book would have the answer on treating your affliction. You conservative yourself a couple times in this post.
P.s. maybe you have an actual disease or allergy to copper if you had a skin disease or parasite like you assume the doctors would tell you.

September 16, 2013

My EMG came back as Toxic Metabolic which could be from a disturbance of copper metabolism since wearing the tc clothing. My copper levels in 2010 were below the normal range levels and after wearing tc clothing my copper levels are high. Kallish owner and designer of the clothing states the copper can absorb into the skin and blood stream and he also states you can have an allergic reaction to the clothing which I did, BUT now Kallish denies my reaction was from his clothing. I am going tomorrow for biopsies on the sores as they have not healed since February when I had the horrific reaction from wearing the FULL LONG SLEEVED TOP and LONG PANTS and SOCKS for 24/7 as they advised to make it work, taking them off only to wash and put back on. The Doctors think the sores might be a reaction to the latex and what ever else is put in the clothing that caused this reaction. Who knows what is in the copper/lead mixture, or in the latex of the clothing since the labels in my clothing all read as made in slave labor countries where there are no regulations for low cost production. I have NEVER had this reaction with the sores, blisters, skin peeling, green tint to my skin and capillaries breaking on my face and the extreme edema in my legs, arms and face and the horrific pain it has left me suffering with until after wearing the tc clothing.

September 20, 2013

Thanks for the warning. You have saved me from ordering this product as I have pain through out my whole body. I can't handle more. I feel so bad for what you are going through. GOD bless and I will keep you in my prayers.

September 23, 2013

Disappointed to hear this! Montel are you listening?????? Maybe it is a chemical reaction due to your body chemistry ???????

October 27, 2013


November 04, 2013

sounds like a competitor review to me.

Joe Shifute
November 10, 2013

Sounds like this whole review thingy is put on by the product company.

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Reviewed By Gs on July 31, 2013, Clearwater fl

Lmao go to the store and buy under armor that's all it is... I promise this will not help your pain or our doctors whorls be giving them out... Wake up people

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Pat Mulligan
August 04, 2013

I would not say this was helpful as a comment. Did this person even try the product ? or is this just their personal opinion from what ?

Jamie odom
August 20, 2013

Obviously they don't know what they're talking about. Same as under armor???? Ummmmmm NO.

Danny M
August 26, 2013

I wear Under Armor from time to time, and it is no even close to being Tommy Copper. He needs to wake up.

August 30, 2013

How can anyone PROMISE this or that. It Just depends on the Person... Such Negative people. I just ordered the half gloves and hoping they work. But I also bought other wrist contraptions that didn't work or worked for a little bit. I am going with positive thoughts here. Maybe that is the KEY people

September 22, 2013

The gloves worked so well for me. Your right to stay positive.

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Near fraud

Reviewed By johnny jones on July 26, 2013, Boston, Ma

Really cheap and overmarketed. There is no way that many of the positive reviews are not fake ones submitted by the company. If they pay for those silly informercials, they can surely pay kids to plant fabricated reviews.

Tip for Tommy... stop selling and start making an honest product. Otherwise, you'll be gone in another year or two as yet another internet scam.

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August 22, 2013

I have not been paid for my review, and this product has worked for me and my friends

Lola B.
August 22, 2013

R u saying product is cheap as in $ or quality? Did u purchase anything? Lots of negative vibes here,,better go!

August 23, 2013

I have experienced almost instant relief of arms and foot by using this produt

August 30, 2013

Negativity is your pain, but our positivity is our gain.

September 22, 2013

I can promise you I was very skeptical when I first ordered these. I am not a very trusting person. But once I tried the products I ordered I was amazed at how well they worked. You can turn your head to this comment but I will tell you one thing I have had relief from my symptoms and as long as these products continue to do so I will ride this horse till it has no more up and go. He of little faith try it what do you have to lose. Then you can repost on your findings.

September 29, 2013

Well you have the money you paid for the product to lose. Unless you are saying the company will ship to me for free, with no commitment, and agree I can return (they pay shipping) if it doesn't work. Oh, and I don't have to ever tell them my credit card number. Otherwise, yes we have something to lose and are at risk of a possible scam (which is always what we worry about with these TV infomercials).

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