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Tommie Copper, found online at, is a new brand of copper infused compression wear that claims to be able to help anyone of any age improve their daily aches and pains associated with muscle and joint inflammation.

Tommie Copper specializes in compression wear for a variety of joints in your body, from arm sleeves to knee braces to ankle braces to full shirts. They even offer gloves and shorts, so literally no joint is left untreated. Montel Williams, celebrity spokesman for MoneyMutual, is also a representative for Tommie Copper, even recently promoting the brand on the Dr. Oz show.

Copper is believed to be able to treat inflammation, which is the issue behind common joint pain and arthritis pain. It is also believed to help stimulate the immune system, repair injured tissues, and promote healing in general.

In addition to the copper, Tommie Copper claims that their compression wear is better able to provide benefits to their wearers than other compression items due to its actual wearability.

Compression stabilizes muscle tissue, which keeps swelling fibers at a manageable level, and increases oxygen blood flow to the muscles. However, compression wear is only effective when it is being worn, so comfort is a key factor.

Tommie Copper says their products are specially designed to be comfortable so that they can be worn for longer periods of time, therefore giving their wearers the maximum amount of comfort and relief from aches and pains.

Tommie Copper offers a 30 Day Comfort Challenge to new users. If you the item you order does not provide relief within 30 days, you may return the item for a refund, no questions asked.

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Tommie Copper / exspensive rubber Band

Reviewed By Robert Tucker on October 24, 2012, 1696 Joelle Drive

I got the tommie copper Knee Sleave about a Month ago . I have had (2 ) two Knee & Joint replacements . I have been advised by my orthopedic surgeon I will need revision surgery on my left knee . I have pain ! So I got the Tommie Copper knee sleave . Wearing the sleaves now . After wearing for a few minutes it feels like a rubber Band around my knee . After this e mail I will re adjust the sleave around my knee. Re adjusting the sleave is a constant ! i thought Montel had something which would help with my Knee pain . Just another snake oil salesman !

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October 26, 2012

if it's too good to be true beware

November 04, 2012

One two star review to choose by , no thank you .

David Michaels
November 07, 2012

Montel will do anything to make a buck. He hawks the biggest crap on the market. Virtually everything he pushes on TV gets bad reveiws. It is sad how far down his career has gone. He should be ashamed and obviously has no self respect.

November 07, 2012

Wow! Snake oil salesman. That's pretty harsh. TC has a 30 day money back guarantee. Too bad you didn't send them back.

November 13, 2012

You probably got the wrong size .
If you gain weight or your body part is swollen it will not be a comfortable fit .

November 13, 2012

I have been trying for over a month to get a refund and no one has called or emailed me back. I have left several messages and emails. I am very disapointed and will not ever recommend Tommie Copper to anyone!!!

Dorothy Ziegler
November 18, 2012

Tommie Copper is a fantastic product and has helped my husband tremendously
he had terrible knee pain and foot pain . We are now going to order the shirt and pants . Very good customer service on returns also . Thank you Montel for a wonderful product

November 19, 2012

I on the contrary was also skeptical I did my homework investigating the other people on the internet who gave positive reviews to make sure it really did what it claimed to do. Well i am happy to say after years of suffering tendonitis very painful in my wrists from years of counting money in a bank. never got relief from shots or painkillers for long...well i wear the sleeves when I go to bed only in the last 45 days since i have them. I have been praising God for them every day. no pain, no more shots or pain killers too! in fact right now I am putting in another order for fellow workers plaqued with the same pain complaints. They can't get over the fact that i no longer am grimacing holding my wrist in agony anymore! Also my husband uses the knee sleeves and he has no more pain from all the hopping up and down the garbage truck like he used to at work. I am ordering for his fellow workers now too!

November 23, 2012

WARNING---SCAM!! Isn't it kind of fishy that all of the positive and rave reviews and these replies to negative posts are all from the SAME person. Most of the replies are even the very same post! These comments are clearly made by people who work for TC and who troll these forums for negative posts. Their JOB is to try and cover the negativity and over-glorify the unlikely potential of these products.
THINK about the likelihood of these products being able to offer nothing short of medical miracles?! IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS!! Think twice before being duped by products that have no scientific proof that they work. They rely solely on reviews.. This should be a huge indication that they don't work.

not so sure!
November 25, 2012

oh faithful sharon...give it sound like a broken your true name T.C./ montel???

December 02, 2012

you can't trust Montel, every think he sells is " snake oil"

December 30, 2012

This is a big scam!! Buyer Beware and save your money. This product is nothing but a cut off nylon stocking with elastic bands at both ends. It does nothing to compress the knee any more than a cut off elastic sock you can insert around your knee by yourself.

This scam must be reported to Consumer Protection Agency and a Class Action suit against the company and Montel Williams. That scum bag is getting paid oodles of money to promote this useless product. Shame on you Montel Moron!!
You lost your credibility selling/promoting scams like these.

December 30, 2012

File a Class Action Suit against this scammers including the Snake Oil Salesman!

marion estephan
January 23, 2013

I had a total knee replacement 3yrs ago and have been in constant pain.Got the TOMMY COPPER knee sleve and am using it with KINESEO TAPE and am pain free.THE TOMMY COPPER sleve helps the tape stay on longer,it is great.I refuse to take pain killers and found the knee sleve works wonders.

October 11, 2014

Marlon, Bullshit. Tommy copper was proven that it does not work. Aswell as Kineseo tape.
Coming from a medical professional, They have nothing medicinal about them.

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To expense and does not well

Reviewed By MBernal on November 4, 2012, Wyoming

Im a nurse who was told that I had degenerative joint disease in both knees. By the end of my 12 hour shift It was difficult to walk. I had injured my knees at work and had my meniscus removed in both knees. When I saw this commercial for tommy copper sleeves I ordered this product. I measured my leg the way I was instructed to buy this company and I spend my time pulling them up or else the elastic band pinches the back of my knees and my legs go numb. This is not what I expected.

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November 07, 2012

Sounds like they are too small for you. If they are cutting off your circulation they are obviously too tight. TC is coming out with leggings very soon. They might work better for you than what you are presently using. Also, I'm thinking that maybe your condition is too serious for copper/compression garments. I just have your garden-variety arthritis and TC products help me a lot. Good luck.

Pat Hanly
November 18, 2012

The rubber around the top of the knee braces has irritated my legs terribly. I have very painful, and itchie red welts around both mr legs above the knee. I measured and definitely ordered the right size. My knees did feel better but the welts r a lot more painful than the knees were

marion estephan
January 23, 2013

The same thing happened to me the first few days that I wore it.Had a big blister,bit turned over the top and no problem since.I had a knee replacement 3 yrs.ago and due to back problems I have constant knee pain.Together with the tommy copper knee sleve and kinesio tape I am pain free without having to take drugs.

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What is going on in America? Please read before you buy!

Reviewed By Educated Consumer on November 8, 2012, Phoenix, Az

Really, Put on this spandex with some copper in it and VIOLA! all will be healed!

I must say that some Americans will just buy anything even if there is an obvious flaw in the product. I understand that when you are in pain, constant, daily pain that you will try anything to relieve that pain and get relief, even if for an hour it can be worth it. I have had 5 knee surgeries over the last few years and am in constant pain, but.....

COME ON! spandex infused with copper shall heal all. This is just another scam here to rid consumers of their hard earned monies, think about it, you are already in pain daily, spending your money on this product will only add insult to injury. There is NO magical garment that will cure issues like this, unless you are in the closet that takes you to Narnia...then you may find something helpful to wear.

Eating healthier and light exercise is what you need to do, I am overweight and since the knee surgeries I have put on over 90 pounds...well this just causes more problems and I dreaded trying to exercise with the pain and added weight. I just started to do it, even with the pain...I took things lightly to slowly start removing the extra LB's and in this month have dropped 14 pounds. The results are not extraordinary but it takes time to achieve real results. I can tell you that building up my leg muscles and losing what I have I can see an improvement in mobility and overall health.

Please do not waste your money on this, I just happened to be watching tv and this infomercial was on and felt compelled to stop people before they wasted their money. If there was some way to magically relieve your pain this would be something that would be used globally and word would spread fast, this magic garment surely would not be sold at 4 am on an infomercial.

If this even stops 1 person from wasting their money on this scam than I feel that this was worth my time.

Do not! spend your money on this product, it will not work that I can promise, and SHAME on you Montel for trying to make that extra buck off of the expense of your fellow American's....Shame

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Kristin @ Tommie Copper
November 08, 2012

We are terribly sorry that you have not found relief. We have had many people use our products and find relief from pain and some have even found the energy and increased mobility to become more active and lose weight. Of course, the weight loss was due to exercise and eating better, our customers have said that their Tommie Copper gear has helped them in that effort to be able to become active and lose the weight. However, we are aware that our products may not work for everyone in the same way.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if one is not happy with their products they can return them for a refund. If you have any questions or concerns, you are certainly welcome to call our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-866-6432 available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm EST and Saturday 10am to 2pm.

John Roberts
November 08, 2012

1 This person did not say she even tried the product.
2 If you gave this person 1 million dollars they would complain abouth having to
pay the taxes

Annette Carter
November 09, 2012

I agree. Shouldn't you have to TRY the product before you review it.
My sister bought the compression socks and they work.
She is very happy and recommending it to everyone. At least try it before you knock it.

November 11, 2012

I bought the knee sleeve, elbow sleeve, wrist and ankle sleeves and the compression shirt. I have lived with much pain on my right side for about five years. I have noticed a reduction in pain after wearing Tommie Copper for only two days. I plan on buying two more shirts and another knee sleeve so I can continue to wear them day and can say what you want but I know I sure feel much better.

November 11, 2012

Well, I am glad I read all theses comments.......................I will not buy one of theses things now! Thank you folks

November 12, 2012

I cannot disagree more..!! I have degenerative joint disease and Mayo Clinic gave me new finger joints, neck fusion, thumb fusion and currently trying to prolong having shoulder surgery.. I purchased both a shirt and elbow sleeve.. The moment I put the sleeve on, the pain was gone.. That night I wore the shirt to bed and now when I wake up in the night, I can at least move my arm with a lot LESS pain.. I just got off the phone with TC customer service and she could not have been more pleasant.. I am sad others have had a bad experience... My experience has been GREAT....

November 13, 2012

Tommie Copper does not claim to cure any ailment .
It says as plain as day that it only works while worn .
It eases the pain or discomfort from muscle or arthritic pain .
I purchased Tommie Copper and it did take the edge off my problem.
Try reading and understanding what the company claims .
Whats your problem anyway , it"s a thirty day money back deal .
I give you a one star for ignorance .

November 14, 2012

If you are going to review something then at least try it. You are the one wasting peoples time if you dont even have anything to back up your statements.

Fulvio Ortega
November 14, 2012

I purchase both the tommy copper top and bottom . I had a total right hip replacement and I can truly say this product does work but again you also have to exercise. I will be buy a couple of sets. Again I don't get paid by the company but don't bash it cause again you have to also do your part in getting better from your injuries by exercising.

John R
November 15, 2012

I like the product because it provides the support and comfort I need to wear to work under my suit and/or casual pants. However, I wear support for my knee to fit my physical need........something more supportive for my exercise workouts.

November 19, 2012

I on the contrary was also skeptical I did my homework investigating the other people on the internet who gave positive reviews to make sure it really did what it claimed to do. Well i am happy to say after years of suffering tendonitis very painful in my wrists from years of counting money in a bank. never got relief from shots or painkillers for long...well i wear the sleeves when I go to bed only in the last 45 days since i have them. I have been praising God for them every day. no pain, no more shots or pain killers too! in fact right now I am putting in another order for fellow workers plaqued with the same pain complaints. They can't get over the fact that i no longer am grimacing holding my wrist in agony anymore! Also my husband uses the knee sleeves and he has no more pain from all the hopping up and down the garbage truck like he used to at work. I am ordering for his fellow workers now too!

checking it out
November 22, 2012

go away sharon

November 25, 2012

you should not be able to post a review on an item that you never purchased and never tried out for yourself. if you are not happy, use the money back return. I have done research on kneww and shoulder surgery failure rates. I would rather try something for under $40.00 and reutrn it if I don't get any relief, than be permanently crippled by a failed surgery. Look at the failure rate of the Intrathecal Opiod Pumps, they can malfunction and empty the entire pump into your spine and overdose you leading to death. $40.00? well worth the chance. I have friends who have sworn by them and one that did not. I have three on the way to try.

not so sure..
November 25, 2012

you do sound very faithful to TC~~you are trying to there free products or commission for you? just trying to hard faithfulsharon

December 12, 2012

How do you comment on a product you have not tried? How do you know that the product does not work if you have not tried it? Are you a doctor or scientist who have researched the product and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of it? I am a person who is in pain daily and I have taken pills (over the counter and prescribed) that helps temporarily but has also caused other problems, like stomach issues. I saw the infomerical this morning around 8:30am and I think I will try it before I knock it. Besides, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so they are not taking people's hard earned money. What are the pharmacuetical companies doing? Some of the products I have be prescribed doesn't even put a dent in my pain; just a waste of money and more junk entering my body.
Anyway, I will save my review after I have tried the product for a while. I just had to comment on your post. Shame on you for knocking something you have not tried or tested.

December 15, 2012


He is correct, because I have bought their product and it is a sham. It does not work, and they do not return phone calls or emails. Do not buy, it's a sham

December 30, 2012

Agree 10000%!!!

A fool and his money is soon parted with - by scammers like this

January 24, 2013

@ Educated Consumer:

Where do you get off telling people how to spend their money??? People are here to read reviews, NOT to listen to you preach. You are assuming that others are not educated like you. If they are here, it is most likely because other treatments are not working. Unless you have a valid review MYOB.

January 24, 2013

@ Educated Consumer: You have a great deal of nerve telling people how to spend their money! Looking at your username and comment, you appear to believe that you are smarter than others. Many people are here because no other treatments are working. Until you are in that position, or have a valid review to post, perhaps you should MYOB.

March 07, 2013

There seems to be more positive reviews than bad reviews and I am willing to try anything to live a day with less pain, even if I can't be pain free. Try living your whole life for the past 38 years without 1 pain free day! I haven't known what that was since I was 20 years old, but started having pain on and off in my teens. It only gets worse with age. You have not tried the product so what gives you the right to try and discourage the rest of us? Don't you think some of us are smart enough to have tried everything else? I eat a strict diet, do what I am suppose to, go to theropy, study as much as I can about my condition, buy exericise equiptment and books that may help in a way I haven't already tried. It is our money and we will decide how to spend it. Only if you were going to invest your money to our cause, do you have the right to try to influence us on what we should or should not invest in!

June 15, 2013

There are only a small number of logical steps to take for certain types of pain. 1. See your doctor 1st. 2. Do some real research, not just product reviews. 3. Be consistent with your therapy. 4. See another doctor about your eating and exercise habits. 5. and use common sense

August 08, 2013

i disagree completely with this guy. The tommie copper shirts have helped relieve my neck pain and my back pain related to herniated disks and damaged nerves and has also helped out with my tendonitis from a workout injury in my arm. I swear by these products and the healing power of the copper infusion. The guy who wrote this review is simply a skeptic. And it doesn't seem as if he even tried the product. No product is a solution for every muscle or nerve issue one could have, since the symptoms can be a result of many different pathologies and underlying root causes, but as a 6 month user of this copper infusion technology clothing, I can say that it has drastically reduced my pain. I sleep in it every night and it makes all the difference.

Jeep Girl
May 03, 2014

The person who wrote this tried to come off as a sort-of--common sense type of guy instead HE sounds ridiculous! Everyone's physiology is different. That's why they have different types of drugs like antibiotics so that if one does not work they don't just throw their hands up in the air and say "Oh well"!. They try something else. It could be many other issues going on best thing is to just try it yourself! I could barely stand on my ankle the pain was so bad I would scream! Hey the pain was so bad I would have done anything to even ease the pain, I was walking with a cane. Last week I threw the cane out and ordered more Tommy Copper! Thanks Tommie Copper, Montel Williams and Dana Torres! Can you imagine if I paid attention to the negative reviews and ignored the positive one's? They keep asking me what did I do so I am walking so freely? I just smile and tell them to go to the Tommy Copper website! I make my own decisions and analysis based on my own experiences and conclusions!

May 20, 2014

Right ON, Jeep girl. That fool unnamed writer of what is going on in America blah blah blah. No name and no education cited just opinionated BS and did not even try the TC product ........SO as it/they/he/she did not try it and bullied those who used TC garments and found improved quality of life. Reduced pain level ....better sleep etc into saying they aren't really feeling better and have a improved quality of life etc. it seems clear that the "unnamed writer is incorrect on all levels and just wasted a lot of peoples time reading horsesh@t. Tommy Copper aided people win and I am all for better quality of life for all suffering people.

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Customer service HORRIBLE

Reviewed By P. Barlow on November 8, 2012, Vancouver, Wa.

First of all, paid shipping even after advertised none with 2 items.
Ordered online, still Sent wrong size, packing slip stated correct size, but item in package, WRONG.
Talked with customer service, NO help and very RUDE!!! Was hung up on.
Also, if you do try it, was told not to order through, but through How stupid is that.

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Kristin @ Tommie Copper
November 08, 2012

I am sorry that your experience with Tommie Copper has not been up to standard. Our site offers free shipping for 2 or more products. You can send your products back for a free exchange by contacting Customer Service and we will send you a pre paid return label and instructions on how best to exchange your products. Our Customer Representatives are there to be helpful, friendly, and polite to all of our customers. My recommendation would be to always take the name of the Customer Relations representative that you speak to so that if there are any problems you can report them to a supervisor. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to call our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-866-6432 available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm EST and Saturday 10am to 2pm. We will work to resolve any issues once you contact us. Your feedback is valuable to us and we will work to resolve and issues you have once you have contacted us.

November 13, 2012

I have called and emailed several times and left messages because I always get a recording to leave amessage but no one has ever called or emailed me back. It has been well over a month now with no response. I wish someone would just call me back : (

November 19, 2012

on the contrary customer service very helpful to me. they even ordered me a discount on my next order too!

December 15, 2012

Yup. terrible customer service. Do not buy this product. Report them to consumer affairs in California and they will help you.

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Can't really rate it yet since I haven't tried it.

Reviewed By Tennisfreak on November 9, 2012, Atlanta

Have seen the informercial and has been contemplating on purchasing but not quite convince yet. First of all, I've been nursing this tennis elbow and has not found complete relief yet after going through some treatments, exercises and wearing an arm brace whenever I play. Ive had swelling and soreness for the past 4 weeks since my last treatment. I am aware that compression helps with the inflammation. Why should I spend almost $30 for a compression garment when I can just use a regular ace wrap that I can buy at the drug store for under $10.

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Annette Carter
November 09, 2012

Deficiencies in copper has been linked to arthritis and osteoporosis.
Do some reading on what copper does for the body.

Arthritis Sufferer
November 11, 2012

Then wouldn't supplementing with copper capsules or adding more copper rich foods to your diet be even better than wearing compression?

Kristin @ Tommie Copper
November 12, 2012

Tommie Copper compression wear has many benefits regular compression or support bands. First, our products are uniquely infused with copper which aids in the stimulation of blood flow and reduction in inflammation and pain. Copper has also been shown to help with your immune system, as well as a plethora of other benefits people have found, which you can search Google for easily.

Tommie Copper is also designed to be comfortably worn day and night, even while you sleep. It is not bulky or uncomfortable as many other supports are.

Tommie Copper compression helps relieve pain, which many supports people use do not have the ability to do, so while you're spending $10 on your support, you're also spending money on various drugs to help reduce the pain.

There are plenty of great reviews by real people that have voluntarily written on our website because they love and swear by our products.

If you have any other questions about Tommie Copper products, I would recommend calling our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-866-6432 available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm EST and Saturdays 10am to 2pm. They are knowledgable, friendly and always happy to help.

Kellie A
November 14, 2012

Copper as a MINERAL may do the things you list. There is a big difference in being infused in a compression clothing item and being ingested.

Bobby Baldini
November 14, 2012

I tried calling your "customer relations" (Kristine) I wanted to get the sales pitch and keep an open mind but never heard back from anyone. For two days
no return calls which was good for me because I decided to Google some reviews.... I'm glad I did, saved myself time and money. Kristen If your team doesn't return phone calls for potential customer, It makes sense you would have terrible service after one purchased your product regardless of a 30 day warranty. I"m closed minded and not interested....Montel Williams Shame on you, you really are pretentious!!!!

November 19, 2012

I am really disappointed in Montel Williams...not only selling this lame product he's scamming poor people with that money advertisement on tv with an interest rate of about 30!! He knows this and is still selling their advertisement....shame on you Montel!! Your not the sweetheart you used to be anymore, taking advantage of innocent needy people!

November 19, 2012

you will be fully satisfied!

December 08, 2012

How can you give 3 stars to a product you have not even tried?

December 31, 2012

I would like to hear comments from someone suffering from gout. Does this product help with gout pain in the feet? Will wait for response before ordering.

south african justice
February 22, 2013

blade runner can't feel his feet

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