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Tommie Copper, found online at, is a new brand of copper infused compression wear that claims to be able to help anyone of any age improve their daily aches and pains associated with muscle and joint inflammation.

Tommie Copper specializes in compression wear for a variety of joints in your body, from arm sleeves to knee braces to ankle braces to full shirts. They even offer gloves and shorts, so literally no joint is left untreated. Montel Williams, celebrity spokesman for MoneyMutual, is also a representative for Tommie Copper, even recently promoting the brand on the Dr. Oz show.

Copper is believed to be able to treat inflammation, which is the issue behind common joint pain and arthritis pain. It is also believed to help stimulate the immune system, repair injured tissues, and promote healing in general.

In addition to the copper, Tommie Copper claims that their compression wear is better able to provide benefits to their wearers than other compression items due to its actual wearability.

Compression stabilizes muscle tissue, which keeps swelling fibers at a manageable level, and increases oxygen blood flow to the muscles. However, compression wear is only effective when it is being worn, so comfort is a key factor.

Tommie Copper says their products are specially designed to be comfortable so that they can be worn for longer periods of time, therefore giving their wearers the maximum amount of comfort and relief from aches and pains.

Tommie Copper offers a 30 Day Comfort Challenge to new users. If you the item you order does not provide relief within 30 days, you may return the item for a refund, no questions asked.

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Terrible Customer Service

Reviewed By Hunter on December 15, 2012, Queens, NY

Tommie Copper is highly unprofessional and evasive. So far I have called twice (and you can never reach anyone on the telephone) so their voice prompt encourages you to leave a message (so I left two messages) and no one has called me back. I also mailed back my knee sleeve to them to get a refund because the sleeve does not work at all. When the post office attempted to deliver it the first time they couldn't because they were informed "no one authorized to sign was available". I operate my own company as well and there is always a staff member available to sign for packages, so what kind of operation is this that no one is available to sign for packages, and no one returns any phone calls (I left two messages). Also, in an attempt to reach someone I utilized the online contact form twice to no avail. If my refund is not received soon I will have to escalate this legally to the proper channels. Tommie Coppers refund policy states within 30 days they have to have the product back for the customer to receive a refund, however what they don't tell you is that chances are they won't return your phone call or emails until after the 30 days is up, so chances are you won't get a refund. I will never purchase anything from Tommie Copper again, and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Highly unprofessional.

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m. pruneda
December 16, 2012

no i have not already voted. why did red letters come up stating i had already voted???? is this website rigged? does it operated erroneously or dishonestly?

December 16, 2012

what the hell is going on with this comment section. this is the most ridiculous site i have tried using to give my opinion.

john oneill
December 18, 2012

I live in Canada they that say 2 weeks to border shipping after that they have no way of tracking it so 3 weeks go by still no parcel could have drove there myself and had the parcel I guess its gone forever good service glad did not spend to much thanks John learn the hardway as always.

December 22, 2012

No medical or scientific proof that copper has any helping qualities except to induce copper into your system, possibly giving you what is called cupric poisoning.

December 22, 2012

I ship worldwide, on a daily basis. Yes, Canada is average 2 weeks of what USPS say. It can lead to 3-4 due to customs clearance.

I thought I can at least clarify this as I am only here to see if this underwear / panty / speedo by tcopper really works.

Maybe it will be a great alternative for Viagra, lol

Angry Man
December 22, 2012

At least you got you stuff. It's been a month and mine has not arrived yet. I'm getting a lawyer

j suede
December 25, 2012

to m. pruneda,i had no problem voting maybe you pushed the wrong tab.

December 27, 2012

When I have a problem with customer service and wish to return and get no results I file a claim with the bank where I used my debit card. They investigate and when they find what I said to be true they refund the money and they get it back from the company. I hope this information helps with anyone who has had problems with returning a product that doesn't work.

caterer 55
December 28, 2012

Always check with the BBB in the state where company is from. I reported a company a few months ago when I couldn't get them to respond to refunding me. After reporting it to the BBB within a month my refund was sent to me.

Mike C
December 30, 2012

Really? You are a consumer of an infomercial and you expected more than you've received. You are a fool.

December 31, 2012

Thanks for the advice. I hope I won't have to use it.

January 05, 2013

I have a friend that had knee surgery two years ago. He got a knee sleeve, and it works great. Nothing had been helping him in the past. I have to have knee surgery in a few weeks. If I need one I'm going to order one. If it works great, if it don't it just dont. I'm not going to bitch and whine about it ill just try something else. The people on here that bitches about $20-$40 shouldn't be ordering them to start with.

to bad
May 07, 2013

I was thinking about ordering this product but after hearing the first review, I think i'll check with the angies list first, no one should be used that's in pain. You have been hurting long enough and people who use that will get what's coming to him, sham on them , Dam why don't you so rip off your own people

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Sores and MORE pain

Reviewed By GRLS on August 17, 2013

I have been in contact with the Tommie Copper Co since April 28, regarding my green skin, sores, edema, itching, burning, much more severe pain since wearing the clothing and they have basically told me to "get lost" and "contact their attorney"

I have seen Doctors, had the pictures of my reaction reviewed by nurses, sent them to the Vasculitis Foundation to see if the sores could be from Vasculitis and other medical people and the response from everyone is "Text Book Case" and NONE of them have ever seen anything like my reaction and don't know how to treat it. These reactions started after wearing Tommie Copper clothing.

What ever is put in the copper and the material caused a severe reaction in Feb 2013 and the sores still will not heal. Still having severe problems in my legs and an EMG has been ordered. Having much more difficulty walking since wearing the clothing and my Dr recommended I get a cane.

The clothes are made in slave labor countries and parasites could be packaged in the clothing. The rash/sores on my legs and feet and the sores that will not heal, look like a parasite rash.

The owner of Tommie Copper is NOT interested in your health, ONLY the money he can make. This has been proven to me by how he has treated me and he has all the pictures of my reaction, how my copper level in my blood was elevated AND how the sores will not heal after all these months and still he is NOT the least bit interested in my health.

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Douglas Hopper
August 21, 2013

I had A Feeling Tommy Copper wasn't what they made it out to be It Sounds to good to be true. All Late night Remedys Is A Line Of Crap. I'm sorry This Happened Montell Williams Put His reputation out there for this clown. I look At Montell As A Scammer Not A Nice GUY!!!! Thats Messed Up And GOD don't like ugly.

August 22, 2013

I use TC and it works for me. I have no problems wearing the knee sleeve.
I have bought them for friends and they have no problem either.

August 30, 2013

Well I just ordered the Half finger gloves. I am skeptic yet desperate. Wonder if that person above it allergic to something inside the glove. My right wrist by the wrist joint bone and the side (pinky finger side) hurts/burns to touch like a brush burn, and when I twist it to face up my palms it hurts. to pick up something, I very easy drop it. They rolled out carpel tunnel, Which I had 6 yrs ago. I have now trigger fingers (Both middle) but the right mostly worst. I am SO hoping this works for me so I don't have to get on some kind of meds that may take the pain away but yet can gain cancer, hepatitis and so on. I know this may not work for all , like the one above but I do se here there is a lot the it DID help, so I am rooting on that part.

Tom M.
September 09, 2013

Lisa, you stated on July 31 that you just ordered the half gloves. Above, you state you just ordered the gloves. One month is totally unacceptable for delivery or you are the slowest order-placer in history. Are you a paid shrill for the company?

September 15, 2013

I know right this post doesn't even make sense. A "text book case" is a case or patient that's issue is something right out of the text book therefore making the case quite easy to deal with considering the text book would have the answer on treating your affliction. You conservative yourself a couple times in this post.
P.s. maybe you have an actual disease or allergy to copper if you had a skin disease or parasite like you assume the doctors would tell you.

September 16, 2013

My EMG came back as Toxic Metabolic which could be from a disturbance of copper metabolism since wearing the tc clothing. My copper levels in 2010 were below the normal range levels and after wearing tc clothing my copper levels are high. Kallish owner and designer of the clothing states the copper can absorb into the skin and blood stream and he also states you can have an allergic reaction to the clothing which I did, BUT now Kallish denies my reaction was from his clothing. I am going tomorrow for biopsies on the sores as they have not healed since February when I had the horrific reaction from wearing the FULL LONG SLEEVED TOP and LONG PANTS and SOCKS for 24/7 as they advised to make it work, taking them off only to wash and put back on. The Doctors think the sores might be a reaction to the latex and what ever else is put in the clothing that caused this reaction. Who knows what is in the copper/lead mixture, or in the latex of the clothing since the labels in my clothing all read as made in slave labor countries where there are no regulations for low cost production. I have NEVER had this reaction with the sores, blisters, skin peeling, green tint to my skin and capillaries breaking on my face and the extreme edema in my legs, arms and face and the horrific pain it has left me suffering with until after wearing the tc clothing.

September 20, 2013

Thanks for the warning. You have saved me from ordering this product as I have pain through out my whole body. I can't handle more. I feel so bad for what you are going through. GOD bless and I will keep you in my prayers.

September 23, 2013

Disappointed to hear this! Montel are you listening?????? Maybe it is a chemical reaction due to your body chemistry ???????

October 27, 2013


November 04, 2013

sounds like a competitor review to me.

Joe Shifute
November 10, 2013

Sounds like this whole review thingy is put on by the product company.

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Reviewed By lauren w. on June 5, 2013, syracuse, ny

Stay away from this product, it is a piece of shit. Funny how their website has only unbelievable ratings, how many horrible ratings did they have to delete to make it look only positive? I could wrap my knee in plastic wrap and it would work better than this cheap garbage. The material is so thin, it would be virtually impossible for it to make a difference with pain.
The band at the top of the sleeve is such that it squeezes your leg and tricks you into thinking you're feeling less pain when really it's just cutting off your circulation. Please note: I did NOT buy the wrong size, I measured my leg exactly where it said to and I bought the corresponding size. The silvery part that covers where you're actually feeling the pain doesn't really compress anything because it fits loose compared to the tight band sitting above the affected area. Proper knee sleeves that actually work are not made like this, the tommie copper sleeve is a poor excuse for pain treatment - don't waste your money. Instead, buy something on Amazon that actually has verified high stars and reviews, not fake reviews from their own employees.

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June 11, 2013

I have to completely agree. Everything this man says is a complete scam. The company he works for simply pays off individuals to say good things about this pathetic product. It is unbelievable that people believe that there is a magical product that can prevent pain and ailments.

Those that actually rate this 4-5 stars and so on, you're simply proving the placebo effect that has long been proved by science. There are dozens of fake reviews on this product that have been pathetically crafted by individuals hired by the company that creates these "magically healing" articles of clothing.

Pathetic scam. I fear consumers believe anything these days..

John - NY
June 20, 2013

If it is such a scam then why do they offer you a free return within 60 days? If you don't like it send i back for free dumb ass. Your Point is slightly flawed........

June 21, 2013

What I think is interesting about the placebo effect is that if the consumers are feeling better, even if the actual compression isn't doing anything, then this product is still good for them. Who cares why they feel better? If they trick theirselves into feeling better by a product, then so be it and it was well worth their money.

June 25, 2013

Not a good idea.... they're taking peoples money... the company is not fixing the problem... just covering it up....with good marketing......the only results is to do what their physicians may take time... but they will bring results eventually.. or some immediately... I don't just talk... I do the walk as well....everything they sell on TV... seems inviting... it's good marketing wanna believe it... but it doesn't always work....whenever I see anything I'm curious about if it works....I buy it at many stores that sell as seen on TV.....etc.... never a shipping charges.... I may not get 2.... but at least I get to try it out... and if it works fine... and if it doesn't ... I take it right back to where I bought it... get my money back... no questions asked... no pressure...... this product has to be worn all the time.... and when they take it off... the pain is still there... so for me... how is this helping... in order for the pain to go away... you have to address it the right way... and not by a piece of cloth.... that cuts your circulation... I too was in marketing so I know what I'm talking about... I have bought many products as seen on TV ... through many of the popular stores that people go to everyday... and if they don't have it ... they can order it... SO MY SUGGESTION TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE... THAT WANT TO SEE IF THESE PRODUCTS WORK.... GO TO YOUR STORES AND YOU'LL SEE THEM ON THE SHELF... NO WAITING TIME, NO BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE... NO FRUSTRATION TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK.. YOU GET IT BACK IMMEDIATELY.... Have a very safe and blessed week everyone.... I am...

July 01, 2013

Good advice

July 07, 2013

thanks for your honesty

July 07, 2013

So - what on Amazon that actually has verified high stars and reviews, not face reviews from their own emplyees?

July 08, 2013

How long did you test it?

July 09, 2013

I had a very similar problem. I felt as thought the band is too loose around the knee area to compress ANYTHING.

July 19, 2013

Then you didn't measure right!

Jessica Lane
August 20, 2013

You DID measure right! This product is a joke. Someone hand me some rubber bands and Saran Wrap, it would work better. Tommie Copper blows.

September 03, 2013

Ever hear: Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence. Especially at 2:00 in the morning on TV. Folks, unfounded medical claims without clinical studies or double-blind placebo studies have been going on since beginning of time. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Compression technology has been used since the Greeks-- nothing new here except marketed and repackaged differently. Research, research and research.

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Tommie Copper / exspensive rubber Band

Reviewed By Robert Tucker on October 24, 2012, 1696 Joelle Drive

I got the tommie copper Knee Sleave about a Month ago . I have had (2 ) two Knee & Joint replacements . I have been advised by my orthopedic surgeon I will need revision surgery on my left knee . I have pain ! So I got the Tommie Copper knee sleave . Wearing the sleaves now . After wearing for a few minutes it feels like a rubber Band around my knee . After this e mail I will re adjust the sleave around my knee. Re adjusting the sleave is a constant ! i thought Montel had something which would help with my Knee pain . Just another snake oil salesman !

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October 26, 2012

if it's too good to be true beware

November 04, 2012

One two star review to choose by , no thank you .

David Michaels
November 07, 2012

Montel will do anything to make a buck. He hawks the biggest crap on the market. Virtually everything he pushes on TV gets bad reveiws. It is sad how far down his career has gone. He should be ashamed and obviously has no self respect.

November 07, 2012

Wow! Snake oil salesman. That's pretty harsh. TC has a 30 day money back guarantee. Too bad you didn't send them back.

November 13, 2012

You probably got the wrong size .
If you gain weight or your body part is swollen it will not be a comfortable fit .

November 13, 2012

I have been trying for over a month to get a refund and no one has called or emailed me back. I have left several messages and emails. I am very disapointed and will not ever recommend Tommie Copper to anyone!!!

Dorothy Ziegler
November 18, 2012

Tommie Copper is a fantastic product and has helped my husband tremendously
he had terrible knee pain and foot pain . We are now going to order the shirt and pants . Very good customer service on returns also . Thank you Montel for a wonderful product

November 19, 2012

I on the contrary was also skeptical I did my homework investigating the other people on the internet who gave positive reviews to make sure it really did what it claimed to do. Well i am happy to say after years of suffering tendonitis very painful in my wrists from years of counting money in a bank. never got relief from shots or painkillers for long...well i wear the sleeves when I go to bed only in the last 45 days since i have them. I have been praising God for them every day. no pain, no more shots or pain killers too! in fact right now I am putting in another order for fellow workers plaqued with the same pain complaints. They can't get over the fact that i no longer am grimacing holding my wrist in agony anymore! Also my husband uses the knee sleeves and he has no more pain from all the hopping up and down the garbage truck like he used to at work. I am ordering for his fellow workers now too!

November 23, 2012

WARNING---SCAM!! Isn't it kind of fishy that all of the positive and rave reviews and these replies to negative posts are all from the SAME person. Most of the replies are even the very same post! These comments are clearly made by people who work for TC and who troll these forums for negative posts. Their JOB is to try and cover the negativity and over-glorify the unlikely potential of these products.
THINK about the likelihood of these products being able to offer nothing short of medical miracles?! IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS!! Think twice before being duped by products that have no scientific proof that they work. They rely solely on reviews.. This should be a huge indication that they don't work.

not so sure!
November 25, 2012

oh faithful sharon...give it sound like a broken your true name T.C./ montel???

December 02, 2012

you can't trust Montel, every think he sells is " snake oil"

December 30, 2012

This is a big scam!! Buyer Beware and save your money. This product is nothing but a cut off nylon stocking with elastic bands at both ends. It does nothing to compress the knee any more than a cut off elastic sock you can insert around your knee by yourself.

This scam must be reported to Consumer Protection Agency and a Class Action suit against the company and Montel Williams. That scum bag is getting paid oodles of money to promote this useless product. Shame on you Montel Moron!!
You lost your credibility selling/promoting scams like these.

December 30, 2012

File a Class Action Suit against this scammers including the Snake Oil Salesman!

marion estephan
January 23, 2013

I had a total knee replacement 3yrs ago and have been in constant pain.Got the TOMMY COPPER knee sleve and am using it with KINESEO TAPE and am pain free.THE TOMMY COPPER sleve helps the tape stay on longer,it is great.I refuse to take pain killers and found the knee sleve works wonders.

October 11, 2014

Marlon, Bullshit. Tommy copper was proven that it does not work. Aswell as Kineseo tape.
Coming from a medical professional, They have nothing medicinal about them.

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What is going on in America? Please read before you buy!

Reviewed By Educated Consumer on November 8, 2012, Phoenix, Az

Really, Put on this spandex with some copper in it and VIOLA! all will be healed!

I must say that some Americans will just buy anything even if there is an obvious flaw in the product. I understand that when you are in pain, constant, daily pain that you will try anything to relieve that pain and get relief, even if for an hour it can be worth it. I have had 5 knee surgeries over the last few years and am in constant pain, but.....

COME ON! spandex infused with copper shall heal all. This is just another scam here to rid consumers of their hard earned monies, think about it, you are already in pain daily, spending your money on this product will only add insult to injury. There is NO magical garment that will cure issues like this, unless you are in the closet that takes you to Narnia...then you may find something helpful to wear.

Eating healthier and light exercise is what you need to do, I am overweight and since the knee surgeries I have put on over 90 pounds...well this just causes more problems and I dreaded trying to exercise with the pain and added weight. I just started to do it, even with the pain...I took things lightly to slowly start removing the extra LB's and in this month have dropped 14 pounds. The results are not extraordinary but it takes time to achieve real results. I can tell you that building up my leg muscles and losing what I have I can see an improvement in mobility and overall health.

Please do not waste your money on this, I just happened to be watching tv and this infomercial was on and felt compelled to stop people before they wasted their money. If there was some way to magically relieve your pain this would be something that would be used globally and word would spread fast, this magic garment surely would not be sold at 4 am on an infomercial.

If this even stops 1 person from wasting their money on this scam than I feel that this was worth my time.

Do not! spend your money on this product, it will not work that I can promise, and SHAME on you Montel for trying to make that extra buck off of the expense of your fellow American's....Shame

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Kristin @ Tommie Copper
November 08, 2012

We are terribly sorry that you have not found relief. We have had many people use our products and find relief from pain and some have even found the energy and increased mobility to become more active and lose weight. Of course, the weight loss was due to exercise and eating better, our customers have said that their Tommie Copper gear has helped them in that effort to be able to become active and lose the weight. However, we are aware that our products may not work for everyone in the same way.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if one is not happy with their products they can return them for a refund. If you have any questions or concerns, you are certainly welcome to call our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-866-6432 available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm EST and Saturday 10am to 2pm.

John Roberts
November 08, 2012

1 This person did not say she even tried the product.
2 If you gave this person 1 million dollars they would complain abouth having to
pay the taxes

Annette Carter
November 09, 2012

I agree. Shouldn't you have to TRY the product before you review it.
My sister bought the compression socks and they work.
She is very happy and recommending it to everyone. At least try it before you knock it.

November 11, 2012

I bought the knee sleeve, elbow sleeve, wrist and ankle sleeves and the compression shirt. I have lived with much pain on my right side for about five years. I have noticed a reduction in pain after wearing Tommie Copper for only two days. I plan on buying two more shirts and another knee sleeve so I can continue to wear them day and can say what you want but I know I sure feel much better.

November 11, 2012

Well, I am glad I read all theses comments.......................I will not buy one of theses things now! Thank you folks

November 12, 2012

I cannot disagree more..!! I have degenerative joint disease and Mayo Clinic gave me new finger joints, neck fusion, thumb fusion and currently trying to prolong having shoulder surgery.. I purchased both a shirt and elbow sleeve.. The moment I put the sleeve on, the pain was gone.. That night I wore the shirt to bed and now when I wake up in the night, I can at least move my arm with a lot LESS pain.. I just got off the phone with TC customer service and she could not have been more pleasant.. I am sad others have had a bad experience... My experience has been GREAT....

November 13, 2012

Tommie Copper does not claim to cure any ailment .
It says as plain as day that it only works while worn .
It eases the pain or discomfort from muscle or arthritic pain .
I purchased Tommie Copper and it did take the edge off my problem.
Try reading and understanding what the company claims .
Whats your problem anyway , it"s a thirty day money back deal .
I give you a one star for ignorance .

November 14, 2012

If you are going to review something then at least try it. You are the one wasting peoples time if you dont even have anything to back up your statements.

Fulvio Ortega
November 14, 2012

I purchase both the tommy copper top and bottom . I had a total right hip replacement and I can truly say this product does work but again you also have to exercise. I will be buy a couple of sets. Again I don't get paid by the company but don't bash it cause again you have to also do your part in getting better from your injuries by exercising.

John R
November 15, 2012

I like the product because it provides the support and comfort I need to wear to work under my suit and/or casual pants. However, I wear support for my knee to fit my physical need........something more supportive for my exercise workouts.

November 19, 2012

I on the contrary was also skeptical I did my homework investigating the other people on the internet who gave positive reviews to make sure it really did what it claimed to do. Well i am happy to say after years of suffering tendonitis very painful in my wrists from years of counting money in a bank. never got relief from shots or painkillers for long...well i wear the sleeves when I go to bed only in the last 45 days since i have them. I have been praising God for them every day. no pain, no more shots or pain killers too! in fact right now I am putting in another order for fellow workers plaqued with the same pain complaints. They can't get over the fact that i no longer am grimacing holding my wrist in agony anymore! Also my husband uses the knee sleeves and he has no more pain from all the hopping up and down the garbage truck like he used to at work. I am ordering for his fellow workers now too!

checking it out
November 22, 2012

go away sharon

November 25, 2012

you should not be able to post a review on an item that you never purchased and never tried out for yourself. if you are not happy, use the money back return. I have done research on kneww and shoulder surgery failure rates. I would rather try something for under $40.00 and reutrn it if I don't get any relief, than be permanently crippled by a failed surgery. Look at the failure rate of the Intrathecal Opiod Pumps, they can malfunction and empty the entire pump into your spine and overdose you leading to death. $40.00? well worth the chance. I have friends who have sworn by them and one that did not. I have three on the way to try.

not so sure..
November 25, 2012

you do sound very faithful to TC~~you are trying to there free products or commission for you? just trying to hard faithfulsharon

December 12, 2012

How do you comment on a product you have not tried? How do you know that the product does not work if you have not tried it? Are you a doctor or scientist who have researched the product and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of it? I am a person who is in pain daily and I have taken pills (over the counter and prescribed) that helps temporarily but has also caused other problems, like stomach issues. I saw the infomerical this morning around 8:30am and I think I will try it before I knock it. Besides, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so they are not taking people's hard earned money. What are the pharmacuetical companies doing? Some of the products I have be prescribed doesn't even put a dent in my pain; just a waste of money and more junk entering my body.
Anyway, I will save my review after I have tried the product for a while. I just had to comment on your post. Shame on you for knocking something you have not tried or tested.

December 15, 2012


He is correct, because I have bought their product and it is a sham. It does not work, and they do not return phone calls or emails. Do not buy, it's a sham

December 30, 2012

Agree 10000%!!!

A fool and his money is soon parted with - by scammers like this

January 24, 2013

@ Educated Consumer:

Where do you get off telling people how to spend their money??? People are here to read reviews, NOT to listen to you preach. You are assuming that others are not educated like you. If they are here, it is most likely because other treatments are not working. Unless you have a valid review MYOB.

January 24, 2013

@ Educated Consumer: You have a great deal of nerve telling people how to spend their money! Looking at your username and comment, you appear to believe that you are smarter than others. Many people are here because no other treatments are working. Until you are in that position, or have a valid review to post, perhaps you should MYOB.

March 07, 2013

There seems to be more positive reviews than bad reviews and I am willing to try anything to live a day with less pain, even if I can't be pain free. Try living your whole life for the past 38 years without 1 pain free day! I haven't known what that was since I was 20 years old, but started having pain on and off in my teens. It only gets worse with age. You have not tried the product so what gives you the right to try and discourage the rest of us? Don't you think some of us are smart enough to have tried everything else? I eat a strict diet, do what I am suppose to, go to theropy, study as much as I can about my condition, buy exericise equiptment and books that may help in a way I haven't already tried. It is our money and we will decide how to spend it. Only if you were going to invest your money to our cause, do you have the right to try to influence us on what we should or should not invest in!

June 15, 2013

There are only a small number of logical steps to take for certain types of pain. 1. See your doctor 1st. 2. Do some real research, not just product reviews. 3. Be consistent with your therapy. 4. See another doctor about your eating and exercise habits. 5. and use common sense

August 08, 2013

i disagree completely with this guy. The tommie copper shirts have helped relieve my neck pain and my back pain related to herniated disks and damaged nerves and has also helped out with my tendonitis from a workout injury in my arm. I swear by these products and the healing power of the copper infusion. The guy who wrote this review is simply a skeptic. And it doesn't seem as if he even tried the product. No product is a solution for every muscle or nerve issue one could have, since the symptoms can be a result of many different pathologies and underlying root causes, but as a 6 month user of this copper infusion technology clothing, I can say that it has drastically reduced my pain. I sleep in it every night and it makes all the difference.

Jeep Girl
May 03, 2014

The person who wrote this tried to come off as a sort-of--common sense type of guy instead HE sounds ridiculous! Everyone's physiology is different. That's why they have different types of drugs like antibiotics so that if one does not work they don't just throw their hands up in the air and say "Oh well"!. They try something else. It could be many other issues going on best thing is to just try it yourself! I could barely stand on my ankle the pain was so bad I would scream! Hey the pain was so bad I would have done anything to even ease the pain, I was walking with a cane. Last week I threw the cane out and ordered more Tommy Copper! Thanks Tommie Copper, Montel Williams and Dana Torres! Can you imagine if I paid attention to the negative reviews and ignored the positive one's? They keep asking me what did I do so I am walking so freely? I just smile and tell them to go to the Tommy Copper website! I make my own decisions and analysis based on my own experiences and conclusions!

Keith Vincent Owczarek
May 20, 2014

Right ON, Jeep girl. That fool unnamed writer of what is going on in America blah blah blah. No name and no education cited just opinionated BS and did not even try the TC product ........SO as it/they/he/she did not try it and bullied those who used TC garments and found improved quality of life. Reduced pain level ....better sleep etc into saying they aren't really feeling better and have a improved quality of life etc. it seems clear that the "unnamed writer is incorrect on all levels and just wasted a lot of peoples time reading horsesh@t. Tommy Copper aided people win and I am all for better quality of life for all suffering people.

March 01, 2015

Because arthritis symptoms ebb and flow, people generally buy (into) this bullshit when they're in great pain and when the symptoms naturally ease they credit the TC or similar for the relief. The reality is they get the same pain relief result over time from scratching their ass with the right hand instead of the left.

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service? what service..

Reviewed By Janet Becker on December 12, 2012, Broadalbin NY

I can't get customer service. voicemail is always full and waiting on hold lasts for hours. even emails are not answered.
I haven't tried it yet, but hope it works better than the customer service.
very frustrating not being able to have contact with anyone. Makes me wonder if it is a scam.

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Bertie - TC
December 13, 2012


We are sorry for the experience you have has thus far with Tommie Copper. We have had a very busy call volume over the last few days due to the holiday rush. Our dedicated Customer Representatives strive to answer all of our customer’s questions. If you would like to send us a privet message on our Facebook or Twitter page and leave your contact details we would be happy to have someone call you ASAP. Thank you for highlighting your experience to us.

Bertie – Tommie Copper

Charles McCarthy
December 14, 2012


I think you've just had unfortunate luck with the company. I ordered a knee sleeve on Monday and received it today. I had issues with shipping that were my fault; I'd forgotten to put my office's suite number in the shipping address, and I was able to get a hold of a representative in around 10 minutes.

As for the efficacy of the product, I'm not sure as I've just begun wearing it.

December 15, 2012

Why should the customer have to send you a private message on Facebook or Twitter? She already stated her frustration in regards to the fact that you have failed to answer any of her emails. At this point it is your responsibility to reach out to her. Unbelievable.

December 24, 2012

I've used email several times to get in touch with TC. Never had to wait more than 24 - 48 hours for a reply. I think some people expect instant results from email. Remember when we sent orders via standard mail? It took two days to place the order, a couple days to process the order, and a couple of days to receive the order. If we had issues with the product we went through the same process or we got on an 800 number and waited for a representative. Emails are fast but human beings still operate at the same speed as they did 100 years ago. Show a little patience.

January 04, 2013


You are an idiot. For my personal experience with Tommie Copper, I had two unanswered emails, two unanswered voicemails and until I disputed my charge two weeks later after my order, they finally responded. That company is a mess and I'm really surprised they can afford to advertise nationwide by yet they cant invest in a effective customer support department. The funny thing is that when I was waiting for them to answer my messages, I kept getting emails about expedited shipping before Christmas but yet I did not not receive my order before Christmas when I placed it a week prior. Stay away from this company. It may look good on tv but they are absolutely horrible.

January 05, 2013

You are the idiot. Now I suppose your going to tell everyone that the product didn't work - you know lie. The truth is it does work, so what their customer service is poor BIG DEAL. Just another thing to complain about for you, why don't you just be happy that it eases your pain!

Ronnie, CA
January 05, 2013

Sounds like an echo of ALL the complaints...... Do Not Buy As Seen On Tv Items, the companies behind the are un-ethical in their buisiness practices. They do not care how any pissed off customers they have. It's not about return customers....they have your hit!

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Much cheaper ways to solve the problem, stay away from these people

Reviewed By BanTheSpam on June 4, 2013, New Hampshie

I actually wrote a review on here before about the product, and the poor service and how they wouldn't take their own coupons and did a long breakdown of how much they were costing themselves. I am sure you can still find it here among the many.
I am writing now to suggest an alternative. Someone else suggested using other types of compression clothing. I can tell you that I have purchased some Nike products, Under Armor, Champion, and a few others. All were much cheaper. In fact, there is a company called East Bay ( bad customer service, but product is good). The shirts were on special for between $9 and 35, pants or tights were about $20-30 and shorts were about $11-30. I have a metabolic disease and my body doesn't regulate temperature anymore or blood pressure. I used to wake up every morning with a huge migraine headache and had many other problems - and still have many since the condition is terminal. However, I have found by using different products on different days depending on temperature, etc.. such as vented shirts vs. non- vented, I can honestly say the difference is amazing. I think I have had two headaches in the last 2-3 months now. I also have less problem with the body temperature and blood pressure, and sleep better also. So, I can say that compression products will work for many (maybe not everyone) but you can try a set from Amazon, Target, Walmart, or many other stores for about $25-35 and see for yourself. One thing I know for certain, I would never buy from this company who could care less about the people and don't stand behind their own offers.

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June 06, 2013

Your very wrong, these products have helped many people i know find comfortable supportive relief. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no harm in trying is there. Decide for your self would be my advise to anyone and everyone. I love them especially the knee and tights.

June 09, 2013

Actually it's a 30 day guarantee.

June 18, 2013

BanTheSpam - thank you for your honest and thorough review. No one can tell you that you're wrong when you are giving your own opinion and have suffered the way you have. It is also obvious from the infomercial and pics that the bands on these are restrictive because you can see the flesh bulging out on people at the top and bottom of these products - and they are obvioulsy sized correctly for the infomercial etc. As someone with circulatory problems, I have no intention of putting a band around my arm or leg. Thanks again.

June 20, 2013

Actually it is a 60 day guarantee .....

DISAGREE with 60 day guarantee
June 25, 2013

Jenny those 60 day guarantee's that they claim... is never what it means... I'm sorry but I can't get your money back from someone you can't see..... that's why I buy all the seen on TV products from my local stores... and I always give them my honest feedback..... some are very very good ... and those I love.... the ones that aren't what they claim... I give back... with no waiting, no talking to any customer service person... because they always try to change your mind... that's good marketing strategy or script...... and I get my money back immediately .... with no questions asked.... some products are great ... some are not.... I have quite a few.. and I love them all... I didn't have to take the word from someone that was advertising on TV or online.... I trust my own word.....

July 26, 2013

Anyone who so totally abuses the use of ellipses in the English language cannot be educated, trusted, or even remotely articulate.

July 31, 2013

not everyone cares if they have a run on sentence is the point thst counts.some of the smartest people were first believed to be stupid.

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I will stick to KT tape.

Reviewed By Sara on July 10, 2013

I am a teenage girl raised on sports and athletics, playing soccer and triathlons. I am currently training for my second, an more intense triathlon. My knees ache after every workout and most of the time no matter what, so, despite all the negative comments I had been hearing about Tommie Coppers I decided to try it. I bought two knee compressions, and Although I did all the correct measurements, the band with silicone on it was too tight while the "compression" part was too loose. It has given me no relief. I also tried out KT tape one day at a soccer game when a friend gave me some. KT tape doesn't relive much pain but it prevents it and keeps my knees in place. The Tommie Copper simply sits on my leg and does nothing but get in the way and irritate my skin.

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September 30, 2013

you get what you pay for: junk

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Reviewed By Betty Koci on June 23, 2013, Seville Ohio

Tried to order on the phone. This after reading the reviews, good and bad. I don't learn from other peoples mistakes I guess. Wanted two produces, one each mens shorts and knee brace. Lady taking order said, "most people purchasing Knee Brace purchase two. My response, that's nice but I only want one. We go to the mens shorts, and she again tried to sell me on more. I said quite emphatically I only want one pair of shorts, and one Knee Brace. She continued with her " I do understand BUT... " I then told her she can take my order the way I give it to her or I would hang up. She continued with the "I do understand, BUT..." What about I'm going to hang up don't you understand. "I'm just trying to explain...." Click. I would not do business with these Scam Artists for anything. I just saved myself about $75.00. I will purchase a similar product. Just not from Tommie Copper. Bad news.

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July 08, 2013

She gets paid to make the pitch. If you're in real pain like me I think I'd have let her finish and then told her I only wanted what I told her in the first place. Then if she still didn't do what I said, I'd ask for her supervisor.

July 19, 2013

I put and order in today on the phone and found the sales person patient and helpful.
I hope the product helps. I know it is not going to cure my problems, but it could relieve pain because of the support.... and maybe the copper.

Peggy Roberts
July 19, 2013

Everybody has to make a living....or maybe she just cares.

Philly Kat
July 28, 2013

Why didn't you order online and skip the sales pitch.

August 05, 2013

Sounds like they are on commission. Not so interested in 'helping' people like the sappy infomercial sounds bytes. Montel seems to be hawking everything these days. Maybe he does believe in the products and have helped his MS. Maybe use the air time for more informative medical info regarding this horrible disease.

August 28, 2013

HI, i used to work for a company that sells these and any item you can buy on TV and we were required to try and sell you more . Duh , and we did not get commission but a poor hourly wage most of the time. People please do not kill the messenger i.e. your order taker , they are just doing their job. Thanks Oh and by the way , they have to keep trying to sell to you ., when you say no , they rebuttal you , just go with the flow

September 14, 2013

I have been there & done that & when people asked how could I work for such a company. I responded with when you have hungry children you will do anything to keep them fed warm healthy & a roof over their heads. So people when dealing with a sales representative who seems pushy just remember they have a boss & their calls are monitored so if they don't try they get write ups or fired and that is someone just trying to make an honest living. No need to be an ass just go with the flow like she said :)

September 21, 2013

What you describe, housemouse is not an honest living. Pushing useless or deceptive products on people is a co-conspirer in robbery. How honest is that ?

Maybe if you weren't such a mouse you'd understand that.

November 04, 2013

Housedragon, there was nothing in his/her comments that indicated pushing "useless or deceptive products", just that they worked for a pushy company.. Lighten up.
By the way, SALES is not a dirty word. No one here was ever offered a suggestion from a salesperson that they were thankful for?

May 20, 2014

right on sjp

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Worked for me!!

Reviewed By Sue on December 7, 2012, Southeast, USA

First, may I say that for those of you for whom this product did not work, or did not work well, I'm sorry. But it's irresponsible to claim that it's a fake just because it didn't work for you. Nothing is 100%. This product clearly works very well for some, pretty good for others, and not so much for a certain percentage of you. That doesn't make it a scam and it doesn't make Montel a liar or scam artist.

I tried this for knee pain from some torn tendons that never seemed to heal correctly. I would say I noticed about an 80% decrease in discomfort in my knee while going about my day and it no longer gives out on me unexpectedly. For me, this product worked, and worked well. My husband tried the shirt for some shoulder discomfort he's had for years and he felt it helped maybe 25%. So for him, this product was minimally successful. But as he says, half a loaf is better than none at all and he's happy with whatever relief he can get.

For me the bottom line is this -- if you have pain give these products a try. Sure, they may not work well for you, but they just might work very well like they did for me. It's certainly worth a try since they really aren't all that expensive. And if they don't work for you, please don't throw them away, pass them on to someone else for whom they just might work better than they did for you. Don't just assume "scam" and toss them. That's selfish and irresponsible. Instead, think logically and know that these won't work for everyone, but they will work for many.

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December 14, 2012

Sue, you sound like the voice of reason to me. Thank you for sharing an opinion I share and for presenting the idea of passing the tommy coppers along if they don't work for you. I don't think this is a scam; I do think this product will work for some and not others.

December 14, 2012

Excellent review! Solid reasoning, fairness and insight overall. Good for you and those of us who get to read it. Very repsectful and sound!

December 18, 2012

Well that is fine for you. There isn't a problem with it not working for some. For those that it doesn't work, they just want there money back. The problem is trying to get your money back in the 30 days. There is the problem!

December 22, 2012

I wanted one, but now that I've read so many bad reviews about the service there is no way I'd order any product from them. A company and it's products are only as good as their service.

December 26, 2012

"their" money back.

December 30, 2012

Sue, in reguards to your review, I just saw these today for the first time, channel surffing at 5:30 this morning, and as much as i would love to try them, I'm currently unemployed, mostly do to my pain, I have worked since I was 15 yrs of age and now 49, this is the longest time unemployed, ( since april ) I have no insurance and do not qualify for any, I need to get a job, I have had 3 back surg, 5 knee surg, 1 of the 5 being a total knee replacement, rotater cuff surg, I know need bio-lateral carptel tunnel surg, and my hardware in my knee needs to be fixed, ( very painful & swollen ), also recently dig with fibromyalgia, my back is 70 % arthritis, do to all the pain I have high bloob pressure, I'm on 5 new meds, do to alot of this, they send to the GE for 4 $ scripts, anyways in your review u quoted "And if they don't work for you, please don't throw them away, pass them on to someone else for whom they just might work better than they did for you. " this may sound like a beg, and yes it probably is, if anyone is getting rid of any PLEASE let me kmow, If I could buy I would get 1 for each hand, shirt and knee's, not pickie on color, i'm about 5'7 , 120 lbs.. would greaatly appricate any donation... will be ording as soon as i can thought,,, thanks for reading !!! posting an email, thanks

Madeline Osborne
January 18, 2013

@Sandy - Sympathies for your situation. I hope someone can pass their items to you.
@ Sue, thank you for sharing your experiences with the products, ESPECIALLY the observations that what works for some may not work as well (if at all) for others.
@EVERYONE basing their opinion upon Customer Service - PEOPLE, you are NOT buying Customer Service, you are buying the PRODUCT. If the PRODUCT works, you will NOT be even contacting Customer Service...If the product does NOT work, then the onus will fall on YOU to contact, follow up, and NAG (when needed) to get your refund. That's just the way the world works. NO BUSINESS is EVER in a big rush to refund. Trust. I've dealt with some of the world's largest corporations, as well as small businesses, and across the board, refunds seldom to never "quickly" happen. Often it takes at least 2 calls, sometimes 3-4 to see my money come back. Just accept this, and move on. Don't berate others because they are not as unrealistic in their expectations, or because they choose to do business with a company and DON'T need to return the product....Focus on the PRODUCT, NOT the Customer Service.

By and large, the PRODUCT reviews for Tommycopper that I have been finding ARE mostly positive, across the Web. THAT is what is influencing me, NOT the Customer Service, which is merely someone paid to answer the phone and deal with complaints...Keep your priorities straight here, people!

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Call me a fake if you wish

Reviewed By Rick Johnson on January 17, 2013, Noath Carolina

II can not attest to the customer service issue. I ordered my shirt online and received within a fair amount of time.

I am a member of the armed forces. I have had my share of bumps, bruises and broken bones over my 20 year career. I have found the shirt give relief from the constant back pain i experience. I am not 100% pain free but the pain is tolerable.

As a military member, integrity is important to me. This is the only reason i took Montel Williams at his word. He is a former military member and so trusted his word over the negative reviews from others.

Remember, there are companies who pay people to write negative reviews too.

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Douche Smiley
February 03, 2013

And to write positive reviews, military member Rick.

big D
March 25, 2013

very true

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To expense and does not well

Reviewed By MBernal on November 4, 2012, Wyoming

Im a nurse who was told that I had degenerative joint disease in both knees. By the end of my 12 hour shift It was difficult to walk. I had injured my knees at work and had my meniscus removed in both knees. When I saw this commercial for tommy copper sleeves I ordered this product. I measured my leg the way I was instructed to buy this company and I spend my time pulling them up or else the elastic band pinches the back of my knees and my legs go numb. This is not what I expected.

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November 07, 2012

Sounds like they are too small for you. If they are cutting off your circulation they are obviously too tight. TC is coming out with leggings very soon. They might work better for you than what you are presently using. Also, I'm thinking that maybe your condition is too serious for copper/compression garments. I just have your garden-variety arthritis and TC products help me a lot. Good luck.

Pat Hanly
November 18, 2012

The rubber around the top of the knee braces has irritated my legs terribly. I have very painful, and itchie red welts around both mr legs above the knee. I measured and definitely ordered the right size. My knees did feel better but the welts r a lot more painful than the knees were

marion estephan
January 23, 2013

The same thing happened to me the first few days that I wore it.Had a big blister,bit turned over the top and no problem since.I had a knee replacement 3 yrs.ago and due to back problems I have constant knee pain.Together with the tommy copper knee sleve and kinesio tape I am pain free without having to take drugs.

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Just a plan lie

Reviewed By Larry Nelson on June 29, 2013, Waldorf,MN

I thought you could trust Monte but belive me when I say TRUST NO ONE.
I have been scamed on a couple of pian remedys.
These Hollywood types will say anything for money and could care less if the product works or who they scam.
Tommie Copper is the most expensive underware you will ever buy.

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Shelton Jim On
July 07, 2013

What did purchase and what part of your body was it applied to?

Bill Webster
July 11, 2013

Your spelling is atrocious! You are hard to take seriously when you write as though you are ignorant.

July 18, 2013

Tats, I mean, that's hilarious! :) Good laugh!

July 30, 2013


August 18, 2013

My pet peeve.....people who always have to point out when someone spells something wrong or other grammatical errors!!!! Hope I DID NOT make any errors!!! I've come to the conclusion that these people think they are superior to others!!

September 02, 2013

I just notice the errors, I don't point them out. Funny how I can see them in the writings of others, but not my own work.

BTW, we ordered a one for my wife's knee and a t-shirt for my back. Time will tell and if I can get my money back, how is it a scam? I can't get my money back for the epidural or facet injections that didn't work! Does that mean my Neurosurgeon is a scammer? I think not, whatever works for you, USE IT!

September 14, 2013

Well said I have had injections several times, and they are very expensive. Some of the blocks have worked and some of them I have had to have repeated in order to get relief. Any one who has ever had injections or blocks for pain knows that if they do work when they wear off it is with a vengeance & it gets worse every time. However I still get the blocks & injections, because with out them I'm bed bound the majority of my day and when they didn't work & I had to have them repeated a month later again I had to pay $300.00 and that is with Medicare. I will keep researching to see if these actually work because I would love to be able to clean my house & just walk or go down the stairs and do my laundry. I would also love to get off the pain meds I'm tired of being tired all the time :)

September 22, 2013

Unfortunately, those injections that you think are helping you are destroying cartilage and causing more pain in their wake. I am a long time pain sufferer myself, hate the narcotics. I Had a pain stimulator put in peripheral, it took a couple years to get it just right. I think it was worth it, now I am getting myself off my narcotics. Meditating and doing yoga again. Put your mind to it and you can do anything, overcoming pain is the worst I know, eight years of my life is gone battling pain. But I am a survivor!

Pocket Rat
November 15, 2013

Baumifer, just because something works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone. You're one in a million if simple yoga cured you. And just so you know, not all injections are harmful; steroids and cortisone is indeed harmful, but things like sugar/salt injections and anesthetic injections cannot harm you.

May 20, 2014

Dear Pocket Rat, sugar/salt/anesthetics injections can kill you DEAD besides maybe harming you....your body is mostly water with electrolytes ie sodium/potassium/sugar as in glucose etc./ and all the other little things our bodies require to be healthy......and each person is unique and therefore blanket statements are dangerous. It seems TC assists the bodies effort to achieve equilibrium and therefore health. I did not see any cure type claims or universal "god" type cure implications with the use of TC products. for any person guaranteed.....just the offer that the use of TC has some scientific basis and anecdotal reports as to effective relief of pain and swelling for many users. Caveat Emptor and keep a positive attitude with the flow of your life.

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Nay sayers are obviusly not telling the truth

Reviewed By Ronin Merckel on August 1, 2013, CT

I have been an a lettered college athlete and then in my later years a tri-athlete and marathon runner who has enjoyed pickup basketball at leas twice a year since I was in my 20's. This stopped after two knee surgeries and a destroyed right Achilles tendon. So at 37 I was done with exercise and became a couch potato gaining 33 pounds in depression. After I finished rehab I was still waking up every morning with extreme knee and ankle pain. Now I am not saying Tommie Copper was the smoking gun! But with Yoga, Tai Chi, and a wonderful stretching program and yes TOMMIE COPPER I am back to my game at 45 and I love my life again. So stop the lies! This product is not a cure all but it is effective and doing exactly what it claims to do!! Give BASIC pain relief!! I wear the product to sleep and during my workouts. The teenage girl who says it did not work for her is not the target audience and I doubt her sincerity. I was turned on to this product by an older woman in my Gym who raved about it. Not sure if the pre-teens are the target market for this mostly us weekend warriors. I am a real person and this is an honest review so take it however you will but don't believe the lies it may not work for every one but it has for me and I tried UnderArmor they are two totally different products. I only gave 4 stars because their sizing is off sometimes with certain products.

Ronin in CT

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September 22, 2013

I suffer from back pains, aches and fibromyalgia. I have tried Tommy Copper's products with instant results. I can't say enough good things about it. I am sure there may be people out there who may have some adverse affect to these products but nothing in this world will heal all. All I can say is try it and judge for yourself. I don't know how it works but I do know it does!

December 07, 2013

Thank you, Sister Lynn. Your comment is very helpful.

Best wishes. Peace. ^_^

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Helps Arthritic Knees, Got Good Service

Reviewed By Edie on January 15, 2013, Brooklyn, New York

I find that the knee sleeves help my knees which are arthritic. At first I bought the wrong size and customer service told me to go one size up. I returned the two sleeves and the new ones came in a reasonable time period. I had no trouble with the service. I'm thinking of getting the sleeveless T-shirt next.

With any product, medication or treatment, there are people who are helped and people who don't find it helpful. With every company there are those who have a good experience with the company and its customer service, and those who have bad experiences. I notice this in speaking to friends about my experiences and find that so many have a whole different take on the same company.

You can't always go by what others say. Some people are skeptics and they experience the opposite of the placebo effect. Nothing ever works for them because that is what they expect to happen. So it works both ways. But as another reviewer said, if it is the placebo effect that makes something work for you, who cares, as long as it works. With this company you can return it within 30 days for a refund so if you think it might help and you are suffering enough, you may take the chance as I did.

I take a lot of chances like that since I am very ill and traditional medical care is not able to help me. I am so glad that I do because I have found things that really work for me. A lot of things don't work (although they may work for others) and if I cannot get my money back I take the loss. Life has many uncertainties but if you aren't open to trying things you will never discover things that help you.

I am a real woman, 66 years old, with an inoperable spinal tumor, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, GI problems, liver disease and several other illnesses and conditions. Bless you all!

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Madeline Osborne
January 18, 2013

Getting old is NOT for the meek...That said, a realistic review of any product, especially one that promotes pain relief for arthritis, is always welcome.

I too, am suffering arthritis pain, and am seeking honest reviews about the Tommycopper products. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your results with us!

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I am buying more!! Everything they have!!

Reviewed By Sarah on December 16, 2012, Tennessee

I have a connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, and a circulatory disorder. I have suffered from cold hands and feet (Raynaud's syndrome) and my husband cracked jokes my body was so cold it was like sleeping near a corpse at night.

I also suffer from arthritis in my spine, scoliosis, and degenerative and bulging discs. I am only 35, so this has been traumatic to say the least. I know pain and poor circulation well!!


I have fallen in love with Tommy's clothing. My hands and feet are warm, along with the rest of me! I wear it to my physical therapy, and my PT said she thought it was a good idea.

My body is warm, my pain is less, and the best part is it is sooo comfortable you can sleep in me...I HAVE!! :)

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John Linkous
December 18, 2012

I cannot refute the theory that compression can aid blood flow to specific areas of the body. I only want to see actual proof (medical preferrabe) that the claims of Tommie Copper are true and backed by FDA testing procedures.

Mary Ann
December 22, 2012

compression does work on my hands its unbelievable so I will order this prduct!

December 30, 2012

Another Scam Victim - brain washed!

Just reading the reviews before ordering
January 01, 2013

Everyone suffer different scales of pain, so for to say, Another Scam Victim-brain washed is unfair. Yes everyone has their opinion If it didnt work for someone or whatever the case may be its ok. Brain washed is the wrong word because you can return the items it says for a full refund. Brain washed or not if it worked for Mary Ann and anyone else that it worked for thats great.

January 06, 2013

Doesnt work......Extremely difficult to return......Still waiting for my refund (6 months)

January 07, 2013

if it's been six months dispute it with your credit card company!! I am having serious doubts due to customer service. I feel the measuring must be done correctly to ensure proper fit, but I am reading a lot of nightmarish stories

January 09, 2013

I also have arthritic issues/ cold hand and feet. These support sound amazing I know so many that will benefit from this. But for now I will not order but wait until hopefully the kinks will be ironed out. I will periodically visit this site to get up dates. Wishing you all well in this new year.

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total skeptic amazed

Reviewed By vane on October 16, 2013, newcomerstown ohio

i had lots of pain in my knees that made life miserable. Saw the Tommie copper add and told myself that this couldn't possibly work. But after limping to bed and not sleeping that night from the pain I got up and ordered the knee sleeves expecting to send them back after a week. But after just a few hours of wearing them the pain was drastically reduced. Within a month the pain was gone. I still can't believe that something so simple works but it does. Any time I feel my knees start to hurt I put them on and walla the pain goes away. No pain pills or creams ever came close to my Tommie coppers. I now have shirts and gloves. Thank you Tommie copper you gave me a life without pain.

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clint thomas
October 16, 2013

i have had this band for some time now, maybe i need a new one and in a smaller size

clint thomas
October 16, 2013

it does wonders for my knee after having scope surgery a few years back.

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Customer service HORRIBLE

Reviewed By P. Barlow on November 8, 2012, Vancouver, Wa.

First of all, paid shipping even after advertised none with 2 items.
Ordered online, still Sent wrong size, packing slip stated correct size, but item in package, WRONG.
Talked with customer service, NO help and very RUDE!!! Was hung up on.
Also, if you do try it, was told not to order through, but through How stupid is that.

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Kristin @ Tommie Copper
November 08, 2012

I am sorry that your experience with Tommie Copper has not been up to standard. Our site offers free shipping for 2 or more products. You can send your products back for a free exchange by contacting Customer Service and we will send you a pre paid return label and instructions on how best to exchange your products. Our Customer Representatives are there to be helpful, friendly, and polite to all of our customers. My recommendation would be to always take the name of the Customer Relations representative that you speak to so that if there are any problems you can report them to a supervisor. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to call our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-866-6432 available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm EST and Saturday 10am to 2pm. We will work to resolve any issues once you contact us. Your feedback is valuable to us and we will work to resolve and issues you have once you have contacted us.

November 13, 2012

I have called and emailed several times and left messages because I always get a recording to leave amessage but no one has ever called or emailed me back. It has been well over a month now with no response. I wish someone would just call me back : (

November 19, 2012

on the contrary customer service very helpful to me. they even ordered me a discount on my next order too!

December 15, 2012

Yup. terrible customer service. Do not buy this product. Report them to consumer affairs in California and they will help you.

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Thank the Lord!

Reviewed By Phil on June 12, 2013, Northshore Suburb, Chicago

I was initially disappointed with the flimsiness of the product.

BUT I have to say. . .

I put the items on and I was absolutely amazed at the relieve that I got, and it was immediate! I actually was able to play 18 holes of golf for the first time in over a year.

I have since purchased several additional sets and I wear them 80 to 10 hrs a day.

If I have a complaint, it is the price, no quantity discounts or frequent flyer breaks etc.


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July 04, 2013

80 hrs a

July 08, 2013

Hey Phil, I have a bad knee also and I play a LOT of golf and I always walk. Ortho surgeon wants to replace my knee so do you think this knee sleeve will help me too. He tells me the cartilage in my knee is practically gone.

Dr. R. Wood
July 14, 2013

Sorry to disappoint you but, when the cartilage becomes so thin that it impacts bone on bone segregation then the only permanent relief is replacement. Cortisone injections give temporary relief but the pain will always return. These products will most likely not help with your condition. Word of caution, only have one knee done at a time, wait about 6 months before replacing the second knee.

July 16, 2013

Of course a doctor would say this because he gets paid for doing the surgery plus the pain medication you will need. I heard a lot of horror stories about people getting surgery. It also takes months to heal from surgery. I am doing research on my own and will purchase one at a time, but will do through the internet as I don't want people trying to push things on me.

July 26, 2013

My brother in law had that knee problem and couldn't be happier after surgery! He did one knee at a time like the "dr" above suggests, and has no more knee pain! Healing wasn't as bad as he thought either! But not compression nor copper can help bone to bone pain, that would be like putting a band aid on a broken arm.

July 26, 2013

If this product does work though, it'd probably be helpful after surgery.

September 14, 2013

Ok now as for what the Dr. above said don't be a jerk he is not just trying to make money he is telling you the truth. I know I was bone on bone no cartilage left in my right knee I have had 5 previous surgeries on this knee alone which is why I'm probably still having problems 5 months after. I need my left done but will Waite to see what this one does and just keep getting injections as long as I can because it is an extremely painful surgery especially if your surgeon is a jerk like mine was. So if you need it done do it my friends that did have it done are doing great but they didn't have previous surgeries like I did so I think that was the difference. Also research your surgeon and make sure they block your leg for the 72 hours not just for a few hours because they put you in a CPM machine that same day. Continuous Passive Movement. My Dr. did something when he had the tourniquet on me because I had a brown line on my thigh for 4 months and I still have muscle pain in that area it hurts to stand & walk both in my knee & thigh so I will be talking to my pain management Dr. about it next week when I go see him. I hope your knee gets better but don't think that the Dr. above is just trying to make a buck research what happens when you loose your Cartilage and are bone on bone it is very painful and the longer you Waite the worse it gets and the more bone they have to cut off watch a knee replacement video on YouTube and you will see what happens if you Waite to long like I did. I was to the point where I didn't leave my house unless I absolutely had to because of the stairs they were to hard on me. Good luck I wish you the best :)

I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
October 08, 2013

You know what my biggest pet peave is? It's not the paid people who have a vested interest in promoting the product they are giving a 5 star review for, nor is it the uneducated, brainless conspiracy nuts who denounce any infomercial product that is out there. It IS..... when people do not use any punctuation whatsoever in online posts or rants lol. I don't care about spelling, but for cryin out loud I can't understand a damn thing some of y'all's posts are SAYING because of the complete lack of punctuation your NOT using!!!!!!!!! LoL

May 20, 2014

All people are not focused on punctuation.....but in light of your did not use an apostrophe to indicate your omitting the letter "g" in cryin' or your misuse of the word.........."your NOT using!!!!!!" should have been you're NOT using.......meaning you are NOT using!!!!! right.....we all make mistakes......lighten up and let people try and communicate. Thanks

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Reviewed By Carl J. Niedzwiecki on November 18, 2012, Walnutport, PA

My wife and I were on the infamertial with Montel Williams. Catherine was given the glove to try on on the show, and felt the pain in her hand go away almost right away. She was NOT paid for this testimony. She got to keep the glove and we each received an elbow or knee brace. Since then, we each bought T-shirts, knee braces and just ordered more products like the whole finger gloves. Also ordered socks and underwear for our relatives. Many of our friends called us because they saw my wife with Montel and we do recommend these products to them. Remember, it does NOT CURE the cause of the pain, it just takes away some or all of the pain, while wearing it. Also, when washing, DON'T use any fabric softeners that will destroy the effectiveness of the copper threads.

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December 05, 2012

Is the material stretchy and tight? Does it feel constricting?

December 12, 2012

not tight or restricting. looose

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